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Perth Street Lookbook

April 18, 2010

This is the first of many evidences of me being a creepy person on the street. On the way to the Huge Vintage Sale in North Perth, I realised I’m gonna stalk more people on the street, take a photo of them and put them up here for all people to see. It’s to show people that Perth style isn’t as derro/bogan as people think. For the non-Australian readers, what I’m trying to say is that despite Perth being a small city in a massive state, we still got style!

So enjoy the small amount of photos for now, but I hope it will build up quickly.


Hellz – New Summer ’09 Collection

June 25, 2009



WELL- I know I’m putting up heaps of brands that I have featured already but I like to keep up to date with the new seasons. Especially with Hellz! These guys have amazing hot attitude and while this is the Summer ’09 season- you could always imagine wearing the clothes in a nice hot summers day while you’re stuck under the covers this winter.

I featured Hellz back in January this year – so their winter line is what I can wear nowww!!! Have a look and it may be of some inspiration to you.

Hellz Clothing




February 15, 2008


Family is an awesome store in Perth that I religiously visit every few weeks, just so I can grab all the good stuff before they sell out. As their myspace page says, their clothes are “What you’ve always wanted, but could never find”. Their entire collection screams out FUN and STYLE and is available to men and women. As soon as you walk in the store you’re confronted with a combination of different colours and materials from clothes and accessories to boxers and shoes. I must give a special mention to their accessories which I am a bit of an addict to, especially their unique necklaces. The experience of shopping there is hard to describe and the contents of the store would be too long to list. My advice is to go there yourself and experience a good look-see. Best of all about this shop- it’s affordable and not overpriced.

 They’re located on 357 Murray Street, Kings St Arts Centre.