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Dub Fx

March 29, 2010

Dub Fx (Benjamin Stanford) started off being a street performer in St Kilda, Melbourne making music using only his beatboxing, vocals and loop effect pedals. As seen in the video below- the result is an amazing reggae/hip hop/dubstep style music that’s easy going to listen and dance to. Listening to the end result first, I personally didn’t think much of it until my friend showed me the making behind the product.

The entire process is just plain awesome.

Since starting out, he’s moved over to England to perform on the streets and through social networking and word of mouth- he’s shot up into popularity almost instantenously. He’s now performed all over the world with his good friend Flower Fairy who does some vocals on his tracks. He’s come out with an album, “Everythinks a Ripple” that was released in January this year (2010). Just watch the clip and I’m sure you’d want to check out the album.

Dub Fx Official Site
Dub Fx MySpace
Dub Fx Facebook


South Rakkas Crew

March 11, 2008


The Crew: Dow Jones, Alex G, Tha Phlash, Trix

South Rakkas Crew (SRC) was founded by producer Dennis ‘Dow Jones’ Shaw in late 2002. From then on they’ve increased in popularity for their music making as well as their music production. Their music combines the relaxed and chilled out vibe of reggae, amazing rapping/singing of hip hop and the great mixing by the DJ and the synth melodies. This crew is worth checking out for something different to listen to. Click on their myspace link and check out “Get Mad Again”!