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Nokia 888

June 29, 2008

This prototype for the Nokia phone definitely got my attention. Trying to dig my phone out of my bag really does annoy me, especially as with most girls, the bag is huge!
The designers believe that “The perfect form does not exist. Form follows you”
So now this concept of the phone allows it to be flexible enough to be folded around your wrist or clipped onto your pocket.
For guys, you could use it as a money clip as you go out at night while the girls can slip this into their big wallets or little clutches.
Some of the technology that has been proposed for this phone has actually been used, so we’ll see how the course of this phone goes!

Nokia 888 Site


Coco Chanel Phone

February 15, 2008

Coco Chanel has created a new phone called Choco. I have to say it looks so HOT! The technology behind it is amazing- and did I mention it looks HOT!


How it works is that there are two glass parts and as the phone is opened, an optical fiber system lights up the phone. Using this, the phone lights up well and the phone is kept as light as possible in weight. The phone is square but by pushing around the parts, it opens up so there are the basic number pad and navigation keys.