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Lick Clothing

April 21, 2010

For this post, I am taking a more personal approach (which I usually try to avoid). BUT- after my attention was directed to this ‘review‘ on Lick Clothing- I felt I should probably provide a proper and more personal review of the store.

The statement was made that “some clothes were way over priced as such and the same product but better quality would easily be bought in other stores such as “cotton on” or “mink pink”.”

While this person has the right to his or her opinion, I highly disagree with this statement. Cotton On is a decent store where I buy basics from, however the style they produce does not really overlap with the style stocked at Lick Clothing. As for the clothing being over priced- on the contrary Mary. I have never been more satisfied with the prices from Lick. I believe that in the majority of small businesses, designer labeled tops may cost up to $60. Today however, I walked in and managed to find a few tops under $40 and on occasion, I have bought skirts for $35.

They stock more than clothes too! They have the quirkiest shoes to offer along with some unique accessories such as necklaces and brooches. They always promote local music and artists which more people need to do. And don’t get me started on the people that work there- they are always friendly with a smile and only too happy to help you out.

For all those of you in Perth, or will be visiting Perth soon- I highly suggest you all to visit Lick Clothing and help support this adorable small business and keep it going!

If you’re curious about the art exhibitions they’ve held in the past, all details about the artists and musicians they have supported are available on their website.

Lick Clothing is situated on:
25 Market St
Fremantle, 6160
Ph: 9336 3727

Lick Clothing Site


Perth Street Lookbook

April 18, 2010

This is the first of many evidences of me being a creepy person on the street. On the way to the Huge Vintage Sale in North Perth, I realised I’m gonna stalk more people on the street, take a photo of them and put them up here for all people to see. It’s to show people that Perth style isn’t as derro/bogan as people think. For the non-Australian readers, what I’m trying to say is that despite Perth being a small city in a massive state, we still got style!

So enjoy the small amount of photos for now, but I hope it will build up quickly.

Digital Mind

July 3, 2009


These talented 16 year old Perthians have come up with their own successful DJ company type thing. If you’re ever after decent party music- just contact these guys!! They have good dance-able song choices, smooth skills and and easy-going personalities =oD

How did you come up with the name?
There’s no big story behind it really. We just knew it had to be simple, represent what music we play & our style as well as being easy to remember. I just came about by playing around with words until Digital Mind was finally born!

Tell me a little about yourselves:
Well, Absolute’s real name is Simon Willsher, he’s 16 & born and bred in Melbourne. After that he moved around the globe, even living up in Canada, before settling down in Perth in 1998. Equipt’s real name is Jack Burton, he’s 16 as well and was born in Perth and has lived here ever since. We both used to go to the same primary school, but back then we didn’t know each other. It wasn’t until we hit high school that we met and started making music, influenced by hip hop, graffiti and the local happening’s.

What did you guys do before the group started?
About 10 months ago, Absolute was already playing gigs, and just getting Equipt into DJing. We both started off heading down the ‘battle dj’ kinda of path. We still cut & beat juggle from time to time and those skills really helped with the mixing and party side of Djing.

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
To name just one would be impossible! We listen to TONNES of tracks every week. Just to name a few;

Tear The Club Up – Tittsworth
Infinity 2008 (Klaas Remix) – Guru Josh Project
Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix) – Kid Cudi
Bounce – MSTRKRFT (Feat. N.O.R.E)

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
The MacBook 🙂

What important lesson have you learnt from being in a group?
Teamwork is king.

Does being in a music group help in picking up girls/boys?
It definitely does.

Has anything crazy or embarrassing ever happened during a set?
Hmmm… to name just one?? aha.. Well with everything these days in music being digital, there’s bound to always be some technical glitches. One party we played at, we we’re mixing two songs, and all of the sudden, the music cuts and this crazyily high pitched noise comes out of nowhere! It almost blew the speakers and definately left some people with their ears ringing. Luckily it stopped after a few seconds and the show went on.

Have a listen to the type of stuff they play and if it’s exactly what you’re after- all their details are available on MySpace.
Keep a look out for these guys- I’ll be putting up a mix from them in the near future! But for the meantime you can stream “Everybody’s Infinity” from their MySpace site.

Digital Mind MySpace



June 5, 2009


Chris Muvceski is one awesome DJ who seems to be on his way up, soon to be playing with Hickey (Daniel Dalton). I suggest everyone remember the name! He plays really good beats with awesome heavy bass which I know a lot of you out there are loving.

Check out the interview:
How did you come up with the name?
My last name is Muvceski and my mates started to call me Muv in highschool.

Tell me a little about yourself?
My name is Chris, I’m 21. And I live pretty close to Perth CBD on the exquisite Beaufort St. I’m originally from Sydney; I chose to come back to Perth to make a name for myself here and try to get Perth on the map.

What did you do before the starting?
I was going to school

How did you start out/ was it hard?
Close to 8 years ago I got into making NRG music, and it sort of took off from there. Thank fuck that I’m not doing that anymore, but in the same sense I’m happy it got me on the path that it did. I was actually a very shit DJ/Producer until 2007 then for some reason things just started clicking.

I wouldn’t say it was hard things just pan out along the journey.

Any big plans for the near future?
Yes, very big plans! In my attempt to get Perth on the map in the next two/three months I’ll be starting a record label called Kamche Rec. But I can’t tell you anymore at this point, so stay tuned!

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
Hmm I’m going to put a few:

Zombie Disco Squad vs Swedish House Mafia – Leave the dance behind.
Tiga – What you need (Proxy Remix)
Laidback Luke – Generation Noise (Riva Star Rechunk)

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
Blow dryer

What have you learnt from doing what you do?
Hmm Don’t stop till you get where you want to be.

Do you have a secret name for your favourite inanimate object?
Super Kent

Has your music helped in picking up girls/boys?
Yeah you could definitely say so.

Has anything crazy or embarrassing ever happened during a live gig?
My first gig I did was back to back and anyway prior to leaving my house the other half of the duo was like “hey we don’t have to bring headphones they have some there” and i was like… “i’m pretty sure we have to bring headphones man every dj brings their own headphones”… somehow he convinced me that we didn’t have to bring headphones. by the time we got there i think 10 or 15 mins before set time we found that there was no headphones in the booth, and nothing looks worse then going up to bar managers and promoters asking them if they have some spare headphones! haha valuable lesson learnt.

Be sure to catch MUV playing at Shape on July 4th!! Plus download Muv’s Mini Mix!!!

Muv MySpace

Mini Mix by Hickey

February 27, 2009

The organiser of Bitch! Please! and a little newer to town Jukeboxxx has created a cool little mix. A delicious taste to his mixing skills which can be seen at any of his dance parties he organises! Don’t worry kiddums I’ll tell you all about Jukeboxx soon…

Message from Hickey:
Heres a little mini mix I made last night when I couldnt get to sleep, download it from the link below. Includes MIA, Kill The Noise, Santogold, MSTRKRFT stuff off the new album! Villains ridiculously bangin’ Britney remix, and the mighty LA RIOTS.

Come Dance, Get Sweaty

♥ Hickey


Empire of the Sun

January 8, 2009


Perth born Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore from Pnau decided to combine their two styles of music together to create Empire of the Sun- the album “Walking On A Dream” sounds amazing! After I heard the single Walking On A Dream played heaps on the radio on holiday I HAD to shut the radio off because I loved this song too much to be ruined by the radio overplaying it.

It’s has such soothing and smooth melodies and beats- so relaxing. And the two contrasting vocals just works together so well- one brings the smooth clean sounds and the other brings the slight awkward alternative sound to the music. To be honest it kind of reminds me of Cut Copy working with the Bee Gees!

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of Empire of the Sun- you gotta support these guys yo! Enjoy the music!

Empire of the Sun Official Site–> With Free Sam La More Remix!
Empire of the Sun MySpace


Key Sole

January 4, 2009


Sneaker Fanatics in Perth- I don’t doubt you would already know about Key Sole in Fremantle. Here is the low down on this awesome store. Imagine the biggest brands in sneakers all displayed for your enjoyment, some placed on a little train (like the sushi train- well they look delicious enough).

Brands include
– Nike!!
– Reebok!!
– Adidas
– Onisuka
– Old School Doc Martens
– Converse
– Lacoste!!
– Gravis
– Royal Elastics (great brand for you guys)
– And heaps more. Just check out the site for the full list

For once I can actually say this- anyone who isn’t in Perth can order these shoes from the online shop! Perth people- you can just wander down to Freo and have a look. It used to be one small shop on Collie Street (that’s near Cold Rock) but they’ve expanded to two shops- you can’t miss it yo.

Key Sole Site
Online Shop


Religion Clothing

January 1, 2009


Religion is a UK brand that’s recently been stocked in my beloved workplace Cite (that’s in Carousel for all you Perth people- must check it out okay). The designs are dark yet sophisticated, falling near high fashion but still wearable.

In Perth, Cite stocks some of the women’s clothing and another store called Bonnie & Clyde stocks Religion too. Enjoy!

Religion Site
Men’s Online Store
Women’s Online Store



November 19, 2008


Well for those of you in Australia (especially lil old perth like me) be prepared to be blown away with this awesome news filled with a healthy dose of awesome.
Crystal Castles is coming!
Triple J have announced that they are indeed touring Australia and they are coming to Perth on Feb 11th to Capitol- better go and scoop up tix asap!

If you are curious about this crazy duo- check out the article I wrote earlier this year! CLICK HERE!


October 17, 2008

If any of you Perthians love the rock music scene and love Amps, no doubt you’ve heard of these guys before. Calerway has performed locally and entertained all of us at one point- drunken or sober- during awesome nights at Amps. Their songs are so easy to get into and enjoy you’ll start joining in the singing in not time. As for this interview, they have one weirdass “crazy” story- enjoy:

How did you come up with the name?
hmmm i am new to the fold.. i do know the story behind the name but it escapes me at the moment.. i dont think its anything too thrilling! 🙂

Tell me a little about yourselves?
I am ryan de rozario I am 24,, jp is 25 I think, phil is 23, cam and james are both 27.. jp lives in the city. Me, cam and james all live in scarborough. Phil just moved from scarborough to up near hillarys. 3 guys are tradies, 1 lectures at a couple of Uni’s and I basically sit behind a computer replying to everyone on myspace all day.

What did you guys do before the group started?
Musically? We alll played in other bands basically… Cam played in a band that did reasonably well called Last Years Hero, and before that a fucking great melodic hardcore band called Ballpoint. James played in a band called Whitechapel and a hardcore sort of band called Boredumb (this is going WAY back), JP and Phil played in a band called Saving Rushmore, and I was playing in a band called Change of Face.

How did you start out/ was it hard?
Well I only hooked up with the guys last October, so they had already put in a lot of groundwork. So I was lucky to come in at that time.. but if it was anything like any of the other bands I have been in over the years.. Like any band you sort of have to ‘pay your dues’ playing a lot of shows etc… eventually it gets there thankfully :). Having said that once you finish paying one set of dues, you just start paying another just on a different level I guess.

Any big plans for the near future?
Yachts, Mansions, Holidays off the south of France. Collaborations with Puff Daddy, and Timbaland.
Hahahaha. Nah its hard to really make big plans yourself.. you can set big goals, for sure, but its up to the people working with you and around you to make these big plans and help you realise those big goals..

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
Hmmm, I listen to some things a bit off kilter… I know the guys have been loving the new Kings of Leon album…. And it is a fucking great album.. … that Dizzee Rascal tune with Calvin Harris is fucking awesome too and has 2 thumbs up from everyone. I have always been a big Dizzee fan with his UK hiphop/grime sort of shit (I have been pumping Maths & English in my car for months and months) but I really like this electro path.. I hope he does more.. the sounds go really well together. Other than that….. I been listening to .. just good music.. rock, pop, house, breaks, electro.. whatever really! J

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
My macbook. Straight out. It literally sleeps on my bed next to me.

What important lesson have you learnt from being in a group?
Probably to treat business and friendships seperately – which can be hard in a band situation, because you are all friends.. and especially when writing music – which is a very personal thing, its hard not to take decisions made on songs personally. But you have to learn to do it. and try and think about what is best for the song, not whats best for you, or most fun for you.. .. things do get heated sometimes.. but its definitely an important part of the process…. and I guess its even more important for everyone to be able to walk away from ‘the band’ situation and have a beer and a laugh and not talk about music. This is something I don’t think you can ever stop learning… you just get better at it J

Does being in a band help in picking up girls/boys?
Everyone except for myself lives with their girlfriends who they been with for ages, and I have been a loner for 4 years. So I guess not! hahahahahaha

Has anything crazy or embarrassing ever happened during a live gig?
This isnt crazy or embarrassing… but this was just a bit of a strange show.. we did 2 weeks ago actually at the WACA in Perth. It was for some sort of Environmental awareness day or something.. was a private show we had been asked to do.. sounded kind of interesting so we jumped on board.. anyway we turn up to load in.. and there is probably 40 or 50 big round tables all beautifully dressed with about 10 seats at each.. – almost like a wedding! There was a stage with white drapes behind it and all!…. anyway, we finish setting up and sound checking.. still not knowing what to expect… we thought it would be realllllllllly awkward…. And we asked about the free alcohol – and the head honcho guy was like ‘na fellas this is drug and alcohol free’… so the next second piles of kids between the age of maybe 10 and 15 arrive with teachers…. Anyway.. we played and the kids got up and had a great time and ran amok.. It was really different.. but really very cool.

They are reshooting some stuff for the video to Blood Sweat Years and if it’s as good as the song it’ll be just awesome. Should be out within a few weeks on myspace! They have their debut album out Midnight Mercinaries + a bonus disk out now if you guys are loving them.

Calerway Oficial Site
Calerway MySpace (Which looks awesome by the way)