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September 25, 2009

bloody beetroots

Oh My God It’s Techno Music!!!!!!

These guys are ALL about techno music from the shirts they make to their supermixes they create! They incorporate the two so well getting amazing djs to deck themselves in their tees- check it all out right now!

Supermix #3
An absolutely amazing smooth perfectly put together mix! Available for download here and many many more (up to #15) available for download from any of the links below!

OMGITM Official
OMGITM Facebook

mr miyagi


Nudie Jeans Co.

July 3, 2009


Jeans shopping is such a pain but you know that once you found the right pair (or 5) you’ll pretty much wear them out till beyond repair. Nudie Jeans has been so popular recently because it seems to fit well as well as provide people with the right style that most are looking out for- cuz they have an unbelievable range of jeans available from the Average Joe slack wear to the Thin Finn skinnies. And to match the large range of fit, is the variety of colours!

Despite the name, the company does sell tees, collared long/short sleeve shirts, jackets, accessories eeeeeven underwearr! The main concept for these jeans turns into something philosophical:

We love jeans, a passion we share with everyone who mourns a pair of worn out jeans as a close friend. Jeans share the same soul and attitude as music. The inspiration springs from the same dreams. As a true jeans brand we are not looking for the short-term trends. The inspiration is far from glamour and catwalks. The collection is tight, like a rock band, reflecting the feeling of everyday life.

Design goes beyond creating just a product that serves to fulfil a need or a function. The philosophy of Nudie jeans is to become part of your dreams. Jeans have a natural built-in dream and attitude.

Nudie will stay true to jeans and all about jeans.

Nudie is the ”naked truth about denim”. Denim has the ability to age beautifully – formed by its user into a second skin, naked and personal. The longer it lives the more character it gets. The indigo is a living colour that fades and gives the denim its character. The more you wear your jeans the more beautiful they get. Jeans are more than just a piece of clothing.

In Perth, Nudie Jeans can be found innn-
Highs & Lows – 1/672 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley- 08 9272 9893
Ricarda- 91 Waratah Ave, Dalkeith- +61 8 9389 9494
Subway DC- Freo, Perth City & Claremont

Have fun exploring your denim style!

Nudie Jeans Website
Nudie Jeans Online Store





Ike & Cee

June 10, 2009


Ike & Cee is basically a website created in Sydney where many different fashionable bits and pieces can all be found in the one place.

We have a vast array of designers from all around the world that showcase a variety of products from the latest street wear available to the hottest sneakers hitting the streets.

We cater for all ages from toddlers learning to walk to the old rockers from way back.

It’s an awesome online store and it’s just great for Australians because you don’t have to pay HUGE international postage and handling costs- They also accept paypal which is handy!


Ike & Cee Site


Johnny Cupcakes

May 15, 2009




My name is Johnny and I make clothes with cupcakes on em. Have you had your cupcake today?

This guy is an awesome designer with a great concept behind his label. I’m a big fan of his designs- they’re all so quirky and witty!

The Story Begins….
Customers like and appreciate the story behind my brand. I started this as a joke, from the trunk of my beat up 89′ Toyota Camry; a college drop out — drug and alcohol-free lifestyle — turned down a lot of investors — Took countless risks — kept my shirts out of heaps of chain stores. Yeah, I could of made a TON of money real quick, but I chose quality over quantity.

The stores are located in the US but you can order from the Online Store. AND they have even provided a list of ‘Nutritional Facts” to make sure you’re ordering the right size tees.


Just to show you how damn popular these tees are for men & women- check out the store and the line outside of it! His store is set out to be similar to a food store as opposed to a clothing store to keep his ‘cupcakes’ vibe.



Johnny Cupcakes Website
Online Store



Design By Humans T-Shirt

February 19, 2009

Know Looking Back- By kennybanzai

Ghostez-By blooboy

3D! Lightning Storm-By yasly

Design By Humans (DBH) isn’t just any normal online store that sells t-shirts- it’s much more than that. It’s a website which hosts an ongoing competition so that artists and designers can submit their t-shirt designs. Then the DBH community vote on which is the best design!

Not only that, t-shirt lovers who love unique and artistic designs can buy these t-shirts whose designs have won the competition. It’s a cool community for artists and t-shirt enthusiasts to talk about anything and everything related to art and design. If you join the community then you can discuss stuff, and submit your own work and vote on other people’s designs.

You can see some of the designs available from in my previous post (Inspiredology) and I’ve put up some more – but there is so so many more designs on the website and so easy to buy from the online store. There’s even free shipping if you spend over $70- And yes the t-shirts are available for both Men AND Women!

If you’re a person who loves to design stuff but never got around to starting production- I highly recommend you take a look at this. There’s so much you can learn!

Design By Humans Official Site

The Seasons Of My Life- By wotto

Take Control-By bortwein

EAT Clothing

January 17, 2009


EAT clothing was created in 2006 by a group of easy going guys who love to surf, skate and design graphic art. Before EAT, the clothing label was known as 347 boardrider co. and this label goes as far back as 1996- so these guys know what they’re doing.

I love the designs on these tees because it’s so creative and different- there’s a certain artistic side to them that is not only appealing to a sub-culture but also the commercial popular culture. Their first batch of clothing was directed towards streetwear and that launched their popularity to the point where they opened up their own store. Now they cater for many Musicians, Artists and Surfers/Skaters which has helped their label become more and more popular.

“Our background places us amongst the most complex, progressive and creative people in our artistic community, who definitely endorse our design and fashion concept. We are recognized as an expression of the attitudes of our time, of our new generation. We strive to represent the culture and lifestyle that is a reflection of the contemporary world of which Indonesia is now a part. We celebrate plurality and enjoy the dynamic effects of the new technological advantages available, which give us access to the whole world, instantly.”

EAT Website
Amazing EAT Tees – Must Look!
EAT Online Store


Lazy Oaf

December 3, 2008

(By the way, this watch tells you the time out loud if you’re too lazy to read)

Lazy Oaf is a very cute and adorable design brand for everything you can think of!
Cups, Shirts, Wallets, Purses, Stickers, Belts, Stationery, Bumper Stickers, Bags, Eyemask, Jackets, Toys, Paint-Your-Own-Shoes, Talking Watch etc. and they are all at awesome cheap prices.
There really is so so so much to look at so just click the link and awaaaaaaaaay you go!

Lazy Oaf Site
Online Store



November 11, 2008





Kixclusive is basically an online store that claims to sell the most exclusive shoes in the world. It ranges from Nike Dunks to Air Jordans and has so many different styles and colours that will please any shoe fanatics. Always updated with the most recent arrivals and pictures showing the shoe from all angles. There are WAAAAAY too many shoes that I love and want to put up so I just selected a few randoms for show- you MUST check out the full site to truly appreciate it. Have fun!

Kixclusive Website





October 27, 2008

These awesome French designers have come across something good here. Looking through their website, you’re instantly hit with a playful theme where there’s lots of colours (not fluoro thank god). The tees and hoodies have bright bold colours that yell out “FUN TIMES AHEAD.” The photos i’ve put up are of the guys tees but the same designs are also available for girls- yippeee! Have a look everyone! NOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW……

Cindez Site
Cindez Online Store


October 19, 2008

Charmaine showed my T-Post one day and I was amazed at the concept and that a person was creative enough to think of it and follow through with it. T-Post basically combines a person’s love of t-shirts with their love of current news and making a statement. Here’s a brief description of what T-Post is:

Once you sign up for your subscription- you get a shirt every 6 weeks and you get a members editions shirt for your first t-shirt! It comes to about 26 euros every shirt so depending on economy it falls between 50-60 dollars INCLUDING shipping aaallllll the way from Sweedensville- that’s gotta be a fair good deal considering shirts are normally around that range without shipping costs anyway- woo!

Have a look through past galleries mmmkay? Even if you’re not current news-savy the designs on the shirt are pretty damn cool.

T-Post Site