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February 14, 2008

First of all welcome!

The aim of the site is to inform people of everything related to the arts and creativity of our current generation. Style and creativity is unique to a person’s self and can be expressed through music, fashion and art.

This site is not just about what should be hot right now, it’s about the different music and styles that everyday people have and enjoy. It’s also a chance for everyone to express their thoughts. This means that everyone can join in building this site by giving in suggestions of musicians, shops, designers and artists that they think deserve to be recognised. Whether they are already well known or just starting out won’t matter.

You can help out by sending me messages and comments of people I should give a listen to. Or photos of anything you see that inspires you and needs to be recognised. Just leave a comment or a message if you’re interested in sending something in. You can even contribute if you’re not in perth!

I will be communicating with people most often through myspace [ ] but if you don’t have myspace then just leave a comment here or email me [ ]

So wish me luck and let’s get started!

Ps- Happy Valentines Day! ❤