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Random Thing of the Week

July 27, 2009


So many of you may have Lego USB flash drives (which are awesome) but this time you have the HUB- Just so you can be cool as you share files with yours friends!


Lego USB Hub


Random Thing of the Week

July 7, 2009



This little blog is a cute one! It’s regularly updated with creative images of the secrets- I’ve put some up- but there are also e-mails and a PostSecret Community. It’s hard to explain this blog, I can only hope you check it out for yourself.

You can also buy books full of the post cards- just look for this picture in the middle of the blog–>


‘PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people
mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.’

Have a look and a laugh- even contribute some. Enjoy…

Post Your Secrets Blog



Random Thing of the Week

July 3, 2009


Tired of your old Sand Hour Glass? Update it with the new Pixelated one!

“For over 40 years, one of the longest running television shows in history opens with a slow camera zoom on an hour glass ticking away your daily wasted hour of mind numbing melodrama. The voice over is one of the most famous lines ever written for mass media; “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” That’s it! Aside from the occasional egg-timer sighting or Flintstones episode, society has moved way beyond need for one of the most ancient of technologies, the sand filled hour glass. Designer Pavel Balykin believes this very retro timepiece is on schedule for a comeback. It’s fittingly called the “Sand+Time Watch” and has the distinct feature of a digital hour glass screen saver mode. It’s a “screen saver” mode, because this particular feature does not actually count time for you. If you want to know the real time, click a button and a more modern interpretation of time, we like to call “numbers”, will appear.”

Yanko Design- Pixel Perfext Hour Glass


Random Thing of the Week

June 23, 2009

This is basically a new type of Rubik Cube for the blind. Instead of using colours- it uses different materials that give out different sensations.
It uses:


If you think the Normal Rubik Cube is easy- try this for a challenge!

Rubik Cube

Random Thing of the Week

June 1, 2009

Check this post out about some very creative synthesisers that actually works too. The picture shows that the Brisbane artist is ridiculously accurate in his creations!



Click Here to check all of it out!

Random Thing of the Week

May 21, 2009

This guy iS weeeeeird but I figured if people haven’t already seen this- they should.

Random Thing of the Week

May 11, 2009

This is a nifty little gadget! It’s a cassette tape mp3 player where you can hold the music on a USB and then stick your headphones in and enjoy!


Granted it’s a cute novelty item but I can see how it can be impractical. It uses kinetic energy to charge manually and if you wanna rewind or speed of a song- you gotta use the tape holes and do it manually. Not only that it doesn’t hold a lot of music. Click Here to check it out!

Random Thing Of The Week

March 30, 2009

For this week I’d like to divert your attention to my favourite comedic trio- Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer.

These three friends made a Pilot called ‘Awesometown’ for Fox except it was never picked up. But the video for the pilot is floating around everywhere anyway- so here it is, Enjoy!

Random Thing Of The Week

March 23, 2009

This here is a mega Random Things Of The Week. In this one article, it lists 15 of the Wackiest Green Gadgets and Technology! The products and inventions are created by so many different types of people from scientists to designers and artists – but they all are environmentally related. Some are super odd and weird while others are quirky and useful.
Here’s the list but it’s seriously condensed so I very much recommend you click on the link for full details, explanations, pictures and videos of the inventions.

1- Speakers with Built-in Planters
2- Grow Your Own Grass Furniture
3- Solar-Powered ‘Personal Massager’
4- Biodegradable Coffin Coffee Table
5- Fuel from Slaughterhouse Waste
6- Wind-Powered Gadget Charger
7- Coffee-Fueled Truck
8- Edible Shoe Polish
9- Pollution-Sensitive Dress (This one is pretty awesome)
10- People-Powered mp3 Player
11- Cow Poop Power
12- Flowering Energy Monitor (This one looks interesting)
13- Man-Powered Ferris Wheel
14- Solar- and Wind-Powered ‘Walking House’
15- Replicating Robot

#2 14

#9 15

Webecoist Article

Random Thing Of The Week

March 16, 2009

Courtesy of Geekologie- there is now a truly RANDOM thing around. It’s a really interestingly designed speaker system with interesting placements of the speakers and cables. I think it’s better if you see for yourself!


Click on the link for more details!

Geekologie Product Site