About This Blog


The aim of the site is to get information about arts, music and fashion from artists to everyone. It’s chance for everyone to help out their favourite artists by suggesting them to me through here. This means that everyone can join in this site by giving in suggestions of musicians, shops, designers and artists that they think deserve to be recognised. Whether they are already well known or just starting out won’t matter. Just get in contact with me through email or myspace!

You can even send photos of anything you see that inspires you and needs to be recognised- or just crazy picture of you guys on a night out wearing awesome clothes. Hopefully this will give everyone some recognition into their creative side. Just leave a comment or a message if you’re interested in sending something in. You can even contribute if you’re not in Perth!

I will be communicating with people most often through email [ hot-generation@live.com ]

Hope you all enjoy this!
x – peace out


3 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. bibomedia Says:


  2. Mat Says:

    Hi! Just checked the site – nice work! BTW this is your cite customer who u gave the address to hehe. when i get a second i’ll add u to myspace.

  3. J. Says:

    Sic blog… I like.

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