Spank Rock


This post has been written by the lovely Leroy aka. Justin Smith (Check Hot Generation’s MySpace for his profile)- cuz I was too lazy to write it =oD

Spank Rock is a group from Philadelphia, consisting primarily of MC Spankrock (Naeem Juwan) and a host of other collabs, with affilliations to the Baltimore Bass Connection (BBC). Their music is in line with the Baltimore style mash of hip-hop and electronica sounds. Spank Rock’s 2006 debut YoYoYoYoYo has traces of 8-bit which isn’t usually sounds associated with hiphop.

Benny Blanco’s D.A.N.C.E mashes Justice’s electo/dance/pop anthem with Mos’ Def and Spank Rock (his 2007 EP ‘bangers and cash’ is actually a collaboration with blanco)
I’m personally a bit of an electrohead, and have lately been starting to get into my hiphop- So this has been a pretty cool progression. If you like your Hip Hop, Baltimore or Electro, Spank Rock is a winner, or at the least an interesting listen.

“Back it Up” in Ed Banger Rec 3 by Feadz 2008
“D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice (Benny Blanco mix feat. Spank Rock & Mos Def) 2007
“Keep My Composure” from Brotherhood by The Chemical Brothers (2008)
“Shove It” from Santogold by Santogold (2008)
“Ultraviolence” (Remix featuring Spank Rock) by Heartsrevolution (2009)

Spank Rock’s 2006 album ‘YoYoYoYoYo’ proved to be very popular in the underground Baltimore scene in the US and caught more music listener’s attention as the famous Ed Banger Records worked it into Vol. 3 with “Back It Up”. They also have a second album released in 2007 – Benny Blanco & Spank Rock Present: “Bangers and Cash”
I’ve put up links to “Back It Up” as well as the “D.A.N.C.E Remix” which I HIHGLY suggest you take a look at as you will not be disappointedd! mmkay?!

Spank Rock MySpace
Spank Rock Facebook (Yes – The time has come to put up facebook links as myspace is dying)



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