Plastic Little


This is all about Baltimore group Plastic Little:
Shit… okay…. so we’ve been making music since the summer of 2000… or was it 2001? I can’t really remember.
For a bunch of smooth rappers- they are very very articulate in their writing! =oP

It’s a tad hard to get any info on these rappers except for the information on their MySpace! But from what I gather- this bunch is all up for having fun while doing what they do best. Plastic Little is made up of:
Jayson Musson aka PackofRats
Michael Stern aka SQUID
Kurt Hunte aka No Body’s Child(NBC)
Jon Folmar aka Jon Thousand
Si Young Lee aka DJ Si Young

Here’s a link to a place where you can stream “La La Land” which I suggest you have a listen to right nowwww…

Since the release of She’s Mature, Plastic Little has been able to tour in the US as well as England (the rest of Europe will see our feet on their precious old world soil pretty soon. Prepare the lambskin condoms and proper sacrifices.), and we’ve entered Phase 1 of working on our next album. What’s ‘Phase 1’ like you ask, dear myspace lurker? Well, it involves alot of drinking and sitting around, then calling up the other members in Plastic Little and being like “Yo Jon, check out this new rap line i thought of: My penis is like a monsoon in your poom-poom! Pretty soon I’ll have another half a bar! I love rapping!” Yep. We’ll be done in about five years.

Check it out !
do. it. right. now.

Plastic Little MySpace



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