Insect Collective Art



Luke & Paul are amazing surreal/abstract artists that have showcased their work everywhere. Their website shows some of the creative talent to these two have produce some deadly art! They’ve created a collective in 1998 and thus Insect was born-

“After scaring the creative community with their off-the-wall surrealism & working with major world-wide clients for 18 years.”

Major clients include Adidas, Levis, Nike, Boxfresh & MTV.

This collective have designed the new Prodigy album ‘Invaders Must Die’ along with ‘The Time & Space Machine’


Insect Homepage




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2 Responses to “Insect Collective Art”

  1. todaysnewsart Says:

    I love how there is a mixture of death and gangster in the image with the afro, and the first one, where a menace (I assume) is made pretty with photoshop, along with rainbow colors everywhere. I love it!

  2. hot-generation Says:

    agreed- i really love how they managed to combine so many different types of subjects with their different types of art. =o)

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