Johnny Cupcakes




My name is Johnny and I make clothes with cupcakes on em. Have you had your cupcake today?

This guy is an awesome designer with a great concept behind his label. I’m a big fan of his designs- they’re all so quirky and witty!

The Story Begins….
Customers like and appreciate the story behind my brand. I started this as a joke, from the trunk of my beat up 89′ Toyota Camry; a college drop out — drug and alcohol-free lifestyle — turned down a lot of investors — Took countless risks — kept my shirts out of heaps of chain stores. Yeah, I could of made a TON of money real quick, but I chose quality over quantity.

The stores are located in the US but you can order from the Online Store. AND they have even provided a list of ‘Nutritional Facts” to make sure you’re ordering the right size tees.


Just to show you how damn popular these tees are for men & women- check out the store and the line outside of it! His store is set out to be similar to a food store as opposed to a clothing store to keep his ‘cupcakes’ vibe.



Johnny Cupcakes Website
Online Store




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