Binärpilot is a Norwegian experimental-electrosynth artist and his stuff is just funky as hell. It’s got great beats and fun melodies which varies throughout the songs and it’s highly usable for DJs as it’s very easy to mix in with music.

You know what else- you guys are pretty lucky because here is another artist who has put ALL of his tracks and REMIXES on the site available for free download.

“You can download all my songs for free. All I ask in return is that you share them with friends, send them to strangers, link this site, leave burned CDs at parties, or anything else that would help them get heard. Greedy industry is killing music with their popollution. Don’t let them. Download and dance like nobody is watching.”

His website basically promotes the downloading of his music- so go get in there cuz you have no excuse to not start enjoying his music right now!

Binärpilot Official Site
Binärpilot MySpace



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