Random Thing Of The Week

This here is a mega Random Things Of The Week. In this one article, it lists 15 of the Wackiest Green Gadgets and Technology! The products and inventions are created by so many different types of people from scientists to designers and artists – but they all are environmentally related. Some are super odd and weird while others are quirky and useful.
Here’s the list but it’s seriously condensed so I very much recommend you click on the link for full details, explanations, pictures and videos of the inventions.

1- Speakers with Built-in Planters
2- Grow Your Own Grass Furniture
3- Solar-Powered ‘Personal Massager’
4- Biodegradable Coffin Coffee Table
5- Fuel from Slaughterhouse Waste
6- Wind-Powered Gadget Charger
7- Coffee-Fueled Truck
8- Edible Shoe Polish
9- Pollution-Sensitive Dress (This one is pretty awesome)
10- People-Powered mp3 Player
11- Cow Poop Power
12- Flowering Energy Monitor (This one looks interesting)
13- Man-Powered Ferris Wheel
14- Solar- and Wind-Powered ‘Walking House’
15- Replicating Robot

#2 14

#9 15

Webecoist Article


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