This 19 year old young designer has already found her way to the top of fashion designing in LA. If you like cute boob-tube dresses and sweet looking bikinis- I’d suggest you check out the links because she has plenty of designs! Enjoy the interview and the links!

How did you come up with the name?
Well, its my first name. The reason I wanted to call my brand MARIALIA (pronounced muh-ree-uh-lee-uh) is because I know its really unique and in a nutshell, its simply me. I guess its just kind of like my signature on everything that goes into the company.

Who’s the brains behind the designs- Tell me a little about yourself?
Me me me! Everything I create comes from my wacky mind. A little about myself…well, I am 19 years old residing in Los Angeles, CA. I am Italian so I grew up in both Italy (by Rome) and L.A., and I speak fluent Italian. I am a self-taught designer. I grew up learning to sew from my wonderful mother and the rest was just intuition. For as long as I can remember I have been sketching clothing and my dream was always to become a fashion designer. Currently, aside from my company, I work for BCBGMaxAzria which gives me a lot of insight to the retail and high fashion industry world. I am also a Real Estate major and will soon be taking my state exam. I go to school with a major in business administration but to be completely honest, I couldn’t care less about college because I find it rather boring. However I am going to stick through it for as long as I can right now.. I strongly believe that its always good to have a solid background of things.

When and how did you start out?
Professionally, when I was about 16 but like I said, I have been sewing and designing since I was little.

Was it hard to actually start producing clothes?
At first yes because I had no formal training and little experience. Everything I know now is learned through trial and error and experimentation but currently I can say that I am at a pretty solid state with my skills and by trying new things I continue to surprise myself!

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?
A mix between the high fashion world, alternative scene, and my own personal tastes. As with most designers, I love looking through magazines or walking through stores to get ideas, but the final product is always original. I also get inspired by random things that I think I can reinvent…for example, I am currently working on a collection entitled CANDYLAND, and as you can guess, it is inspired straight from the classic board game and its characters. I’m really excited to see everything in its final stage!

What did you do before you began designing?
Nothing, I grew up doing it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

Any advice for design students who wants to start a line?
If you have the talent, dedication, and true passion, then be brave and just do it. I know there are so many people that discourage success in this industry because it is so competitive, but you have to think of it as a never ending marathon race. At first there are a lot of runners but the one that pushes the hardest and doesn’t give up is the one that wins. I hope that makes sense hahaha

Any big plans in the near future?
Whatever comes my way πŸ™‚ Day by day the company grows and if the opportunity is right then its mine! Its just all about pushing yourself and finding ways to expand. There are so many days where I just feel stuck in the same place but I know the more I work and network, the more I will continue to grow. Like I said, its like a race! πŸ™‚

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
A bunch of Italian songs to be honest, but I would also have to say Lady Gaga’s album. She is amazing!

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
I can’t choose just one but out of everything i would probably have to choose my blackberry.

Do you have a secret name for your favourite inanimate object?
Hahahaha what??? Well I have names for my dress forms/mannequins if that counts. One is Heather (after the amazing brand Heatherette) and the other is Betsey (after Miss Betsey Johnson).

What’s the most embarrassing/awkward situation you’ve been in?
AH god there have been so many! Probably one time in high school I was walking from one class to another and I slipped on the floor and fell right on my butt and my books went everywhere in the crowded hallway…the worst part is that I was wearing a skirt hahahaha.

She’s just finished some custom clothing orders for Lauren Stone (She’s from Paris Hiltons BFF reality show) for a weekend in Vegas with Paris- so look out for lots of papparazzi photos of her design.

Marialia MySpace
Marialia Official Site
Marialia Buzznet
Hocus Focus Photography, LA




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    ii liike yhur style.. ii have a siimiilaiir style as well.. keep iit uhp

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