We Are Enfant Terrible


This sexy trio called We Are Enfant Terrible very very quickly became one of the most listened to music for me this month! According to their music page the trio consists of:
P.Clo= keyboards/ sing/ laugh
E.Pol= guitar / keyboards/ bubble
F.Fingers= drums / 8bit / joke

Already you can get an idea of their kooky quirky personality. It shows through in their music very very much and they combine my two loves: Interesting Guitar Riffs and Odd Synths. They’ve got great 8-Bit synths in the background and over the top Clotilde has a great voice that complements the sound made by the Guitars and Beats. It’s got a very fun vibe that’s pretty awesome to dance to – it’s definitely not angry music, it’ll make you smile =o)!

I hope you enjoy their interview as much as I did- It’s possible the most entertaining one yet!

How did you come up with the name?
Clotilde : I was reading a book from Warwik Collins and find the expression ENFANT TERRIBLE, it was in french in an english text. I liked it and thought it could be a perfect name for a band. So I ask thomas to do the band with me, then we met Cyril and the band was there.

Cyril : Whoua, Clotilde reads books ! That’s great, i didn’t know she was able to do that > she’s incredible ! she’s the best !

Tell me a little about yourselves?
Clotilde : I’m Clotilde, singer and 2 fingers keyboards player, I’m 12 for 15 years now, I’m the french girl ideal from the countryside

Cyril : I’m Cyril, the drummer. I’m drumming since i’m 7 years old. I started at the Wattignies School music ! And i’m 15 for 11 years. But when i’ll get 29, i’ll be 3 years older than i’m now. So in 1999, how old was i ? answer a.b.c. or d. ?

What did you guys do before the group started?
Clotilde : I was a dj. But I saved nobody’s life last night.

Cyril : i was in the Bathroom (playing with my Gameboy alone !)

Thomas : i used to play the guitar in bands

How did you start out/ was it hard?
Clotilde : We are lucky bastards. We put our tracks on myspace and a few weeks later, the manager of peaches ROBYN MITCHELL asked us to play for PEACHES opening in Paris. So we can’t really say it was hard.

Cyril : the hardest thing is to spend the most my life with people like Clotilde and Thomas > but i’ve no choice ! 😉

Any big plans for the near future?
Clotilde : To buy a new hairdryer this week end, it’s a huge plan cause I have a lot of hair

Cyril : We would love to say “hello” to Uncle Sam in september.

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
Clotilde : Heartbreaker from METRONOMY

Cyril : “Piece of us” from ORCO (a good friend of us)

Thomas : “if you want me to stay” Sly and the family stone

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
Clotilde : My mini harmonica necklace

Cyril : My drum sticks,! if i live without, the gigs get too complicated !

Thomas : my nintendo ds, or my psp

What important lesson have you learnt from being in a group?
Clotilde : Be the first at catering or they won’t leave you a crumb

Cyril : Don’t share the room with the one who’s snoring !

Thomas : don’t share the room with the one who can’t stand snoring people

Do you have a secret name for your favourite inanimate object?
Clotilde : Tigre moche

Cyril : Clotilde

Thomas : machin rouge bleu

Does being in a band help in picking up girls/boys?
Clotilde : Not at all for me. I’m so disappointed caus’,you know, it seems like guys are afraid of girls on stage, they prefer groupies.

Cyril : My Mom doesn’t want me to kiss unknown people…

Thomas : i don’t know any other way to pick up girls

Has anything crazy or embarrassing ever happened during a live gig?
Clotilde : Always happening crazy thing in a waet live gig: cyril broke drums 5 times, a china guy felt on me during the shanghai gig, I jumped on the ceiling and felt on the keyboards and finished the night with ice on my head, thomas is always dancing a weird chicken dance… etc etc

Cyril : After each song, people are applauding ! isn’t weird ? One really crazy thing for us was to do a China Tour after only few gigs in Paris. It was a really weird, amazing, incredible time.
Take a look

I very much support these guys so I hope you guys will take a minute to click on the link and enjoy them too!

Downloadable Music Goodness
We Are Enfant Terrible MySpace



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  1. María Belén Vera Says:

    Good interview, really fun
    this guys are amazing
    i love their music

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