Land of Talk


Land of Talk is an amazing Canadian band that is slowly gathering a huge following for their Indie/Alternative Rock music. This sweet trio consists of:
Singer and Guitarist Elizabeth Powell
Bassist Joe Yarmush
Drummer Eric Thibodeau

Elizabeth’s vocals are so soft and soothing and when combined with some clever yet simple drumming and a smooth bass melody it creates an odd in between type of music where it’s not too pop/dancey but it’s not too slow and relaxing. It’s an all-around type of music where you could dance to it in your own awkward style or you could relax to it.

Their first EP: Applause Cheer Boo Hiss- was released on April 2006 and was a success which led to the production of their first full-length album: Some Are Lakes- released on October 2008. Have a listen on their MySpace site- it really is something that appeals to a wider range of people.

Land Of Talk Official Site
Land Of Talk MySpace



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  1. CD Review: Land Of Talk - Some Are Lakes « MW Music Review Blog Says:

    […] the album which is released under Saddle Creek in America. I really love the album. Very gritty, rocking with some added indie rock and pop which is great to listen to. Elizabeth […]

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