Design By Humans T-Shirt

Know Looking Back- By kennybanzai

Ghostez-By blooboy

3D! Lightning Storm-By yasly

Design By Humans (DBH) isn’t just any normal online store that sells t-shirts- it’s much more than that. It’s a website which hosts an ongoing competition so that artists and designers can submit their t-shirt designs. Then the DBH community vote on which is the best design!

Not only that, t-shirt lovers who love unique and artistic designs can buy these t-shirts whose designs have won the competition. It’s a cool community for artists and t-shirt enthusiasts to talk about anything and everything related to art and design. If you join the community then you can discuss stuff, and submit your own work and vote on other people’s designs.

You can see some of the designs available from in my previous post (Inspiredology) and I’ve put up some more – but there is so so many more designs on the website and so easy to buy from the online store. There’s even free shipping if you spend over $70- And yes the t-shirts are available for both Men AND Women!

If you’re a person who loves to design stuff but never got around to starting production- I highly recommend you take a look at this. There’s so much you can learn!

Design By Humans Official Site

The Seasons Of My Life- By wotto

Take Control-By bortwein


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