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For all you guys out there who love creative design and arts- you’d pretty much love this blog. Inspiredology is a blog full of random designing tips and facts. It also showcases some pretty amazing artwork pieces- such as 50 Terrific Tees, combining fashion and arts and design which is just cool.

This blog has so much packed into it from Freebies to a whole showcase of Logo colletions. The almuni section features a lot of amazing talented artists from DeviantArt website. Then the Graphic Design sections features art from street grafitti to magazine covers.

The 50 Terrific Tees post that has been directed to my attention by Justin I think would interest a collective amount of you artists AND fashion designers. The amount of different types of creativity that can be put on a blank white t shirt is just amazing. Every design has its own unique interpretation and inspiration- some being artistically delicate and meaningful while some being very funny and clever. I highly suggest you have a look through this feature as well as the blog if you are interested in this kind of stuff!

Inspiredology Blog
50 Terrific Tees

Design By Humans

Design By Humans

Design By Humans


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