Well it’s Valentines Day which also means that it has been ONE WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR since I’ve started this blog! And what’s even more amazing is that one year ago I fell in love with Crystal Castles, The Rapture, Calvin Harris and more amazingly talented musicians and in this year I’ve seen so many of them live- Cystal Castles two days ago and I must say the atmosphere these two create with their music is amazingly intense I just love them even more!

I gotta say thanks to everyone who regularly reads this blog- I honestly did not expect this many people to be interested at all. And to be patient enough as I sometimes took breaks for Uni and assignments *EW* haha. This tiny blog started out with about 20 people reading it a day and now 150 people minimum read it and even more recently over 200 people have been reading it per day. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to update the look of this blog so I hope you guys will continue to enjoy!




2 Responses to “HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY”

  1. Alister Yiap Says:

    Hey Babe!

    Keep up the good work! heheheh I’m so glad you have a birthday for Hot generation! and I’m also soo happy you’ve kept it up! it’s amazing news! I hope to see a 2nd Birthday come of this and many more to come! keep up the good work honey!

    love always

  2. Celia Lim Says:

    YAY 😀

    and i just wanna say
    cute PIC :D!!

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