Michael Stevenson aka. Tyga is an artist who creates rnb/pop/hip hop/rap music. He was always interested in music and his music career began with help from Gym Class Heroes Travis after he gave Travis his mixtape. After a while he became a toured with Gym Class Heroes to watch them perform and evnetually got signed up to Bat Squad Records. He featured in Lil Wayne’s most recent album. His own album “No Introduction” will be released in a few months and you guys should defs look out for “Coconut Juice” which will probably be constantly played at Cite in Carousel once I get my hands on it. The album is going to feature productions from Patrick Stump and Stress. Being the close group those guys are, check out the video clips and look out for cameo appearances from Pete Wentz, Travis McCoy and Lil Wayne.

This is his explanation behind the meaning of the title “Coconut Juice” – “I don’t drink alcohol, so at parties I would just walk around with a cup mixed with whatever else I could find. When people asked what I was sipping on I would say ‘coconut juice’ because it sounded funny. So I made a song about it.”

Here is a free download which I really suggest you give a listen to, plenty of songs! Like lots and lots of it.
Clinton Sparks Presents: Tyga (Free Download)

Tyga MySpace
Tyga Official



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2 Responses to “Tyga”

  1. Darda Says:

    He has the PHATTEST BEAT, Chyeeeahhh boi.

  2. Thalia Says:

    i love your music nd i love u oooh so very much i want u 2 have my kidz dam u SEXY i love you wit all my heart love u bae :-):-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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