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This vodka loving 21 year old designer from Eastern Europe (currently based in the US) has an incredibly creative outlook on fashion. Her designs are not at all conventional or even alternative, it’s beyond alternative where it looks like someone’s taken some crazy hallucinating drug and drew down the hallucinations- but believe me the end product works together very well! While you might not see yourself wearing some of these clothing all together in the one time, just pick out the pieces – like the leggings – and I can definitely see myself purchasing some of those!

Enjoy reading this interview- you’ll realise her personality matches her designs!

How did you come up with the name?
a group of friends and i came up with the name during our undergrad studies….i began taking many new media, art theory and art/technology courses but still doing work that focused on the body. i wanted to give a new meaning to the act of dressing, to create an alternate history of clothing and all the associated meanings that go along with how one presents oneself in a specific place and time.
resetcouture came from this idea of what would it be like just hit a reset button on the fashion empire as a whole, even life and art or culture in general.
if you could start over from scratch with a visionary perspective of creating the future, actually manifesting it…how would that look and evolve conceptually and aesthetically? fashion and clothing became more of a medium, the medium that i found to be the most accessible and to have the most potential to push boundaries.

Who’s the brains behind the designs- tell me a little about yourself?
i never know what to say about myself!
my name is kafka, i do all the designing and creative direction but work closely with a few groups of other artists, photographers and creatives, along with team reset who are my in house team of partners in crime.
sometimes my life gets so crazy and strange i figure it can’t be real….
my favorite things in the world are gold hi top sneakers…or even neon ones..actually just huge sneakers in general.
i’m seriously convinced at this point vodka is the cure for anything, i’m a part time tarot reader and astrologer and i can’t ever say no to a good party :))

When and how did you start out?
growing up with my eastern european grandmother, sewing was something that was just around me. naturally i picked it up at a fairly early age to help her, eventually i realized she’s a genius who could construct anything (literally anything) out of cloth and textile. i began to make my own clothes and extravagant costumes, ended up in various music scenes and playing in bands so the performance aspect came naturally out of that.
resetcouture started in its current form in the summer of 06 while studying at the arts academy in prague. the idea had been brewing for two years prior, i had been collecting textiles from my travels the way a dj would vinyls. everything just seemed to fall in line perfectly in prague, and we did our first shoot in an overgrown, derelict gipsy carnival in Stromovka park with our first gallery show a few months later.

Was it hard to actually start producing clothes?
production wasn’t that difficult because it started out just me making one of a kind, exclusive, completely unique pieces. even duplicates are never exactly the same….there’s always some variation in stitching or fabrics. we rarely make more than one or two of a specific design unless its custom ordered or personally requested so the process is constantly evolving, forever in flux. i enjoy using some pretty strange materials and methods to bring out the sculptural qualities of clothing so that keeps it interesting….the repetitive motions are interesting in a completely different way because it allows your mind to go free, entering this state where your awareness is enhanced, with a higher consciousness.
the most difficult thing was (and still is i think!) is the social aspect: working collaboratively with other artists, having access to adequate networks, maintaining these vital relationships.
that was the hardest thing to learn: you can’t be an island in this industry.

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?
other spaces, dream states, blurred notions of being. those points of existence that dont fit into any one category of experience that hint towards the mystical and magickal. many of these pieces are highly conceptualized, my design process always begins with an idea and the challenge is to figure out how to articulate that idea. our pieces and shoots often address a shadow element too, heaviness, weight, other skins, the subconscious mind but expressed in a whole new form. the new line Binary/Duality is all about the doubles within ourselves.

What did you do before you began designing?
a bit of everything!
i had done a lot of experimentation in wearable technology and interactive design for a good part of my undergrad, freelance costume design for awhile, primarily mascots and theater, modeling at one point, also sound and electronic music, djing, playing in bands, throwing parties. i spent a huge part of my life traveling constantly too which is why i’m really excited to finally settle down in LA for a bit.

Any advice for design students who wants to start a line?
stop talking and start doing, quit schooling and start living…haha but in all sincerity, the best advice i can give anybody is to let go of that fear, take that risk and listen to your instincts….maintain that strength inside…cycles are necessary to further ourselves.
and i think more designers need to challenge themselves to create provocative, forward thinking work that functions on more than solely a commercial level but as art too.

Any big plans in the near future?
The new streetwear line Binary/Duality debuts early feb, along with our new online store which will feature limited edition, exclusive leggings and tanks, all unisex. our launch parties are 21 feb in san diego at Club Disco Dust and 27 feb in los angeles at Danceism.
We have a few brand new editorials coming out with various magazines, currently directing a spread based on twin peaks/fire walk with me called angels in the red room. we are in the process of setting up our in house photo studio, additionally two more lines will be coming out this year: one is a black series and the other a line of men’s suits and soundsuits inspired from deconstructed soviet war tanks. i’m slowly making the transition back into music this year too, working on some new mixes and getting into the whole dj thing….i can’t sit still these days.

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
has to be the fake blood remix of little boots’ stuck on repeat….its been banging in our studio and we go nuts everytime it drops at a party!

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
cigarettes and coffee. okay so thats two but they go quite well together.

Do you have a secret name for your favourite inanimate object?
nothing that comes to mind but i sometimes forget what things are called and will start calling them in other languages, or accidentally incorporate words and not realize it until someone else points it out!

What’s the most embarrassing/awkward situation you’ve been in?
everyday in LA is weird….completely absurd.

And for those of you who are interested on who did the amazingly creative photography shots and make-up on the first three photos- here are the details!
Make-up: Ryder Makeup Labs LLC
Photography: Adam Hendershott

Reset Couture MySpace
Reset Couture Model Mayhem
Reset Couture Online Shop




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  1. dowtown Says:

    wow,,, i like it,, a lot of color,, nice blog.. i hope you visit me

  2. Alexandra Mathews Says:

    Kafka is taking over the world.

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