Nudge Nudge Nudge Mixtape


Our beloved young boy behind Nudge, Nudge, Nudge has created a mix for our listening pleasure- yay!

It’s an amazing 28 minute mix full of his own creations with some great songs covering a variety of genres- mixed with 8-bit goodness and easy listening beats! Free to download!

1. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Epic Intro
2. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Countdown
3. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix)
4. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Analogue
5. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Super Smash Dancefloor
6. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Lurking Dreams
7. Midfield General – Disco Sirens (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix)
8. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Jelly Monster (edit)
9. Jamie T – Sheila (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix)
10. Foals – Electric Bloom (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix)

Click Here to download!
Nudge Nudge Nudge MySpace


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