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Mini Mix by Hickey

February 27, 2009

The organiser of Bitch! Please! and a little newer to town Jukeboxxx has created a cool little mix. A delicious taste to his mixing skills which can be seen at any of his dance parties he organises! Don’t worry kiddums I’ll tell you all about Jukeboxx soon…

Message from Hickey:
Heres a little mini mix I made last night when I couldnt get to sleep, download it from the link below. Includes MIA, Kill The Noise, Santogold, MSTRKRFT stuff off the new album! Villains ridiculously bangin’ Britney remix, and the mighty LA RIOTS.

Come Dance, Get Sweaty

♥ Hickey



Reunion Blues

February 23, 2009


Reunion Blues is launching a new web site to help touring bands find recommended places to eat, hang out and crash for the night while out on the road. It’s also a way for musicians to find venues to perform.

It’s called the Touring Bands’ Guide- a digital handbook to help independent bands plan and book their tour! The biggest feature of the site is that it helps bands to book their own independent tour. The site showcases club names and booking personnel’s contact info for 27 of the largest US cities- and it continues to grow.

The TourGuide is designed to promote musicians and artists and it couldn’t be easier! When a band submits a venue or hangout, the TourGuide attributes their entry with their band name, sound clips, photo and url. They also are placed on the homepage of the TourGuide, which is highly visible. It offers a free link to the band’s sound clips, photos and web sites which helps generate exposure for their music!

Best of all, the information is submitted by touring musicians, for touring musicians!

Reunion Blues Site

Land of Talk

February 21, 2009


Land of Talk is an amazing Canadian band that is slowly gathering a huge following for their Indie/Alternative Rock music. This sweet trio consists of:
Singer and Guitarist Elizabeth Powell
Bassist Joe Yarmush
Drummer Eric Thibodeau

Elizabeth’s vocals are so soft and soothing and when combined with some clever yet simple drumming and a smooth bass melody it creates an odd in between type of music where it’s not too pop/dancey but it’s not too slow and relaxing. It’s an all-around type of music where you could dance to it in your own awkward style or you could relax to it.

Their first EP: Applause Cheer Boo Hiss- was released on April 2006 and was a success which led to the production of their first full-length album: Some Are Lakes- released on October 2008. Have a listen on their MySpace site- it really is something that appeals to a wider range of people.

Land Of Talk Official Site
Land Of Talk MySpace


Design By Humans T-Shirt

February 19, 2009

Know Looking Back- By kennybanzai

Ghostez-By blooboy

3D! Lightning Storm-By yasly

Design By Humans (DBH) isn’t just any normal online store that sells t-shirts- it’s much more than that. It’s a website which hosts an ongoing competition so that artists and designers can submit their t-shirt designs. Then the DBH community vote on which is the best design!

Not only that, t-shirt lovers who love unique and artistic designs can buy these t-shirts whose designs have won the competition. It’s a cool community for artists and t-shirt enthusiasts to talk about anything and everything related to art and design. If you join the community then you can discuss stuff, and submit your own work and vote on other people’s designs.

You can see some of the designs available from in my previous post (Inspiredology) and I’ve put up some more – but there is so so many more designs on the website and so easy to buy from the online store. There’s even free shipping if you spend over $70- And yes the t-shirts are available for both Men AND Women!

If you’re a person who loves to design stuff but never got around to starting production- I highly recommend you take a look at this. There’s so much you can learn!

Design By Humans Official Site

The Seasons Of My Life- By wotto

Take Control-By bortwein

Inspiredology- Design Inspiration Lab

February 14, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes



For all you guys out there who love creative design and arts- you’d pretty much love this blog. Inspiredology is a blog full of random designing tips and facts. It also showcases some pretty amazing artwork pieces- such as 50 Terrific Tees, combining fashion and arts and design which is just cool.

This blog has so much packed into it from Freebies to a whole showcase of Logo colletions. The almuni section features a lot of amazing talented artists from DeviantArt website. Then the Graphic Design sections features art from street grafitti to magazine covers.

The 50 Terrific Tees post that has been directed to my attention by Justin I think would interest a collective amount of you artists AND fashion designers. The amount of different types of creativity that can be put on a blank white t shirt is just amazing. Every design has its own unique interpretation and inspiration- some being artistically delicate and meaningful while some being very funny and clever. I highly suggest you have a look through this feature as well as the blog if you are interested in this kind of stuff!

Inspiredology Blog
50 Terrific Tees

Design By Humans

Design By Humans

Design By Humans


February 14, 2009


Well it’s Valentines Day which also means that it has been ONE WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR since I’ve started this blog! And what’s even more amazing is that one year ago I fell in love with Crystal Castles, The Rapture, Calvin Harris and more amazingly talented musicians and in this year I’ve seen so many of them live- Cystal Castles two days ago and I must say the atmosphere these two create with their music is amazingly intense I just love them even more!

I gotta say thanks to everyone who regularly reads this blog- I honestly did not expect this many people to be interested at all. And to be patient enough as I sometimes took breaks for Uni and assignments *EW* haha. This tiny blog started out with about 20 people reading it a day and now 150 people minimum read it and even more recently over 200 people have been reading it per day. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to update the look of this blog so I hope you guys will continue to enjoy!



February 9, 2009


Michael Stevenson aka. Tyga is an artist who creates rnb/pop/hip hop/rap music. He was always interested in music and his music career began with help from Gym Class Heroes Travis after he gave Travis his mixtape. After a while he became a toured with Gym Class Heroes to watch them perform and evnetually got signed up to Bat Squad Records. He featured in Lil Wayne’s most recent album. His own album “No Introduction” will be released in a few months and you guys should defs look out for “Coconut Juice” which will probably be constantly played at Cite in Carousel once I get my hands on it. The album is going to feature productions from Patrick Stump and Stress. Being the close group those guys are, check out the video clips and look out for cameo appearances from Pete Wentz, Travis McCoy and Lil Wayne.

This is his explanation behind the meaning of the title “Coconut Juice” – “I don’t drink alcohol, so at parties I would just walk around with a cup mixed with whatever else I could find. When people asked what I was sipping on I would say ‘coconut juice’ because it sounded funny. So I made a song about it.”

Here is a free download which I really suggest you give a listen to, plenty of songs! Like lots and lots of it.
Clinton Sparks Presents: Tyga (Free Download)

Tyga MySpace
Tyga Official


Reset Couture

February 8, 2009




This vodka loving 21 year old designer from Eastern Europe (currently based in the US) has an incredibly creative outlook on fashion. Her designs are not at all conventional or even alternative, it’s beyond alternative where it looks like someone’s taken some crazy hallucinating drug and drew down the hallucinations- but believe me the end product works together very well! While you might not see yourself wearing some of these clothing all together in the one time, just pick out the pieces – like the leggings – and I can definitely see myself purchasing some of those!

Enjoy reading this interview- you’ll realise her personality matches her designs!

How did you come up with the name?
a group of friends and i came up with the name during our undergrad studies….i began taking many new media, art theory and art/technology courses but still doing work that focused on the body. i wanted to give a new meaning to the act of dressing, to create an alternate history of clothing and all the associated meanings that go along with how one presents oneself in a specific place and time.
resetcouture came from this idea of what would it be like just hit a reset button on the fashion empire as a whole, even life and art or culture in general.
if you could start over from scratch with a visionary perspective of creating the future, actually manifesting it…how would that look and evolve conceptually and aesthetically? fashion and clothing became more of a medium, the medium that i found to be the most accessible and to have the most potential to push boundaries.

Who’s the brains behind the designs- tell me a little about yourself?
i never know what to say about myself!
my name is kafka, i do all the designing and creative direction but work closely with a few groups of other artists, photographers and creatives, along with team reset who are my in house team of partners in crime.
sometimes my life gets so crazy and strange i figure it can’t be real….
my favorite things in the world are gold hi top sneakers…or even neon ones..actually just huge sneakers in general.
i’m seriously convinced at this point vodka is the cure for anything, i’m a part time tarot reader and astrologer and i can’t ever say no to a good party :))

When and how did you start out?
growing up with my eastern european grandmother, sewing was something that was just around me. naturally i picked it up at a fairly early age to help her, eventually i realized she’s a genius who could construct anything (literally anything) out of cloth and textile. i began to make my own clothes and extravagant costumes, ended up in various music scenes and playing in bands so the performance aspect came naturally out of that.
resetcouture started in its current form in the summer of 06 while studying at the arts academy in prague. the idea had been brewing for two years prior, i had been collecting textiles from my travels the way a dj would vinyls. everything just seemed to fall in line perfectly in prague, and we did our first shoot in an overgrown, derelict gipsy carnival in Stromovka park with our first gallery show a few months later.

Was it hard to actually start producing clothes?
production wasn’t that difficult because it started out just me making one of a kind, exclusive, completely unique pieces. even duplicates are never exactly the same….there’s always some variation in stitching or fabrics. we rarely make more than one or two of a specific design unless its custom ordered or personally requested so the process is constantly evolving, forever in flux. i enjoy using some pretty strange materials and methods to bring out the sculptural qualities of clothing so that keeps it interesting….the repetitive motions are interesting in a completely different way because it allows your mind to go free, entering this state where your awareness is enhanced, with a higher consciousness.
the most difficult thing was (and still is i think!) is the social aspect: working collaboratively with other artists, having access to adequate networks, maintaining these vital relationships.
that was the hardest thing to learn: you can’t be an island in this industry.

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?
other spaces, dream states, blurred notions of being. those points of existence that dont fit into any one category of experience that hint towards the mystical and magickal. many of these pieces are highly conceptualized, my design process always begins with an idea and the challenge is to figure out how to articulate that idea. our pieces and shoots often address a shadow element too, heaviness, weight, other skins, the subconscious mind but expressed in a whole new form. the new line Binary/Duality is all about the doubles within ourselves.

What did you do before you began designing?
a bit of everything!
i had done a lot of experimentation in wearable technology and interactive design for a good part of my undergrad, freelance costume design for awhile, primarily mascots and theater, modeling at one point, also sound and electronic music, djing, playing in bands, throwing parties. i spent a huge part of my life traveling constantly too which is why i’m really excited to finally settle down in LA for a bit.

Any advice for design students who wants to start a line?
stop talking and start doing, quit schooling and start living…haha but in all sincerity, the best advice i can give anybody is to let go of that fear, take that risk and listen to your instincts….maintain that strength inside…cycles are necessary to further ourselves.
and i think more designers need to challenge themselves to create provocative, forward thinking work that functions on more than solely a commercial level but as art too.

Any big plans in the near future?
The new streetwear line Binary/Duality debuts early feb, along with our new online store which will feature limited edition, exclusive leggings and tanks, all unisex. our launch parties are 21 feb in san diego at Club Disco Dust and 27 feb in los angeles at Danceism.
We have a few brand new editorials coming out with various magazines, currently directing a spread based on twin peaks/fire walk with me called angels in the red room. we are in the process of setting up our in house photo studio, additionally two more lines will be coming out this year: one is a black series and the other a line of men’s suits and soundsuits inspired from deconstructed soviet war tanks. i’m slowly making the transition back into music this year too, working on some new mixes and getting into the whole dj thing….i can’t sit still these days.

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
has to be the fake blood remix of little boots’ stuck on repeat….its been banging in our studio and we go nuts everytime it drops at a party!

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
cigarettes and coffee. okay so thats two but they go quite well together.

Do you have a secret name for your favourite inanimate object?
nothing that comes to mind but i sometimes forget what things are called and will start calling them in other languages, or accidentally incorporate words and not realize it until someone else points it out!

What’s the most embarrassing/awkward situation you’ve been in?
everyday in LA is weird….completely absurd.

And for those of you who are interested on who did the amazingly creative photography shots and make-up on the first three photos- here are the details!
Make-up: Ryder Makeup Labs LLC
Photography: Adam Hendershott

Reset Couture MySpace
Reset Couture Model Mayhem
Reset Couture Online Shop



Nudge Nudge Nudge Mixtape

February 4, 2009


Our beloved young boy behind Nudge, Nudge, Nudge has created a mix for our listening pleasure- yay!

It’s an amazing 28 minute mix full of his own creations with some great songs covering a variety of genres- mixed with 8-bit goodness and easy listening beats! Free to download!

1. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Epic Intro
2. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Countdown
3. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix)
4. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Analogue
5. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Super Smash Dancefloor
6. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Lurking Dreams
7. Midfield General – Disco Sirens (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix)
8. Nudge Nudge Nudge – Jelly Monster (edit)
9. Jamie T – Sheila (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix)
10. Foals – Electric Bloom (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix)

Click Here to download!
Nudge Nudge Nudge MySpace


February 1, 2009




These tees are another example of how streetwear designs can be a mixture of fresh colours and creative odd designs. Now this is one of the designers where I can’t really find too much information about but once I do find something there’ll be an update for sure.

Their website’s blog is really amazing filled with their creative adventures though! The most recent few posts is filled with their “Ambiguous Artists Paddle Exhibition”- where people decorate their ping pong paddle in their own style and some create artwork pieces out of them. BUt at the moment both their website and MySpace are still under construction so more goodies will be available in the near future. Make sure you check back in- more so to check the blog =o).

Official Ambiguous Website
Ambiguous MySpace