EAT Clothing


EAT clothing was created in 2006 by a group of easy going guys who love to surf, skate and design graphic art. Before EAT, the clothing label was known as 347 boardrider co. and this label goes as far back as 1996- so these guys know what they’re doing.

I love the designs on these tees because it’s so creative and different- there’s a certain artistic side to them that is not only appealing to a sub-culture but also the commercial popular culture. Their first batch of clothing was directed towards streetwear and that launched their popularity to the point where they opened up their own store. Now they cater for many Musicians, Artists and Surfers/Skaters which has helped their label become more and more popular.

“Our background places us amongst the most complex, progressive and creative people in our artistic community, who definitely endorse our design and fashion concept. We are recognized as an expression of the attitudes of our time, of our new generation. We strive to represent the culture and lifestyle that is a reflection of the contemporary world of which Indonesia is now a part. We celebrate plurality and enjoy the dynamic effects of the new technological advantages available, which give us access to the whole world, instantly.”

EAT Website
Amazing EAT Tees – Must Look!
EAT Online Store



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