Joshua Scacheri is the Australian designer to credit these amazing designs to. Guys are beginning to understand that wearing high fashion clothes and looking good is something to be proud of- especially in Perth as more and more guys are dressing so damn hot with awesome style! While the Subfusco line has some out-there creations, there are a lot of pieces that are wearable.

Here’s the story behind Subfusco taken from his official website- which I highly recommend you look through.

“SUBFUSCO, Latin for deviated colour embodies a signature male look with attainable European elegance. Key pieces are versatile and can be worn from day into night with confidence and presence.

Australian designed and made, detailed quality textiles combined with directional designs defines SUBFUSCO from other items in your wardrobe. Additions to this are tailored jackets, slim fit trousers, fitted dress shirts and unique denims.

SUBFUSCO is to engage in ones own style and forward thinking. Inspiration breathes from all spheres of everyday life and people that make the creative mix of subcultures, alternative lifestyles and natural talents.

Brisbane born designer Joshua Scacheri had early aspirations of becoming a professional football player.

At the age of 16 Joshua moved to Italy to pursue his professional football all career for six years. During his stay and extensive travel, Josh soon became influenced by the European fashion and lifestyle. Making friends with many creatives Josh became more interested in design rather than football and opted a career change.

In 2003 Josh moved back to Brisbane and started his fashion design studies. In 2005 Joshua created SUBFUSCO and the rest is history.”

Subfusco MySpace
Subfusco Official Site





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