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Black Ghosts

November 30, 2008


Black Ghosts is an electro duo formed in 2006- Theo Keating and Simon Lord. This isn’t like any other electro duo- these guys have combined a variety of electro-hiphop-soul-indie music in their self-titled album released in July earlier this year. They’ve really created laid-back music with awesome sweet beats, creative synths and clean crisp vocals. It’s easier to understand when you listen to their album.

They’re popularity in the general public has shot up ever since their song “full moon” was featured in the awesome movie “Twilight.”
Click Here to listen to it!

Check these guys out if you like
-Goldfrapp’s slow relaxing tones
-Chilled out hip-hop beats
-Alternative/Indie synths
because they have it all in their album

Black Ghosts Official Site
Black Ghosts MySpace


November 19, 2008


Well for those of you in Australia (especially lil old perth like me) be prepared to be blown away with this awesome news filled with a healthy dose of awesome.
Crystal Castles is coming!
Triple J have announced that they are indeed touring Australia and they are coming to Perth on Feb 11th to Capitol- better go and scoop up tix asap!

If you are curious about this crazy duo- check out the article I wrote earlier this year! CLICK HERE!

Dope Couture

November 16, 2008




The name says it all! These clothes are bold and bright without going over the top on the colour. Plus the designs are not as tacky as it tends to be with statement tees because the art on these shirts are tastefully creative. On their online shop they have tees for men and women as well as some skateboard decks and stickers! Shirts are cheap too only $29US (compared to most tees from the us).


Dope Couture Site
Dope Couture Online Shop



Random Product of the Week

November 15, 2008

You guys will love this! It’s awesome-cool to play with and I can imagine spending a fair amount of time just sitting in the dark playing around!


The creator says that it’s meant to bring Human Computer Interaction to a whole new level. Check out the video and the link for more information.

Interactive Mirror Original Post




November 11, 2008





Kixclusive is basically an online store that claims to sell the most exclusive shoes in the world. It ranges from Nike Dunks to Air Jordans and has so many different styles and colours that will please any shoe fanatics. Always updated with the most recent arrivals and pictures showing the shoe from all angles. There are WAAAAAY too many shoes that I love and want to put up so I just selected a few randoms for show- you MUST check out the full site to truly appreciate it. Have fun!

Kixclusive Website




Random Product of the Week

November 3, 2008

Presenting: THE-


This would be a pretty cool thing to have in the house, just get a white haireless cat, a big screen tv to monitor everyone (or sign-up to facebook), come up with an EEEEEEEEVIL plan- and you’re totally set to take over the world…hehe.

Courtesy of the awesome Suck UK.