Charmaine showed my T-Post one day and I was amazed at the concept and that a person was creative enough to think of it and follow through with it. T-Post basically combines a person’s love of t-shirts with their love of current news and making a statement. Here’s a brief description of what T-Post is:

Once you sign up for your subscription- you get a shirt every 6 weeks and you get a members editions shirt for your first t-shirt! It comes to about 26 euros every shirt so depending on economy it falls between 50-60 dollars INCLUDING shipping aaallllll the way from Sweedensville- that’s gotta be a fair good deal considering shirts are normally around that range without shipping costs anyway- woo!

Have a look through past galleries mmmkay? Even if you’re not current news-savy the designs on the shirt are pretty damn cool.

T-Post Site


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