Viktor Koen

Damsels in Armor

Dark Peculiar Toys

Viktor Koen is a very successful and very talented Greek designer. He’s studied at design institutions for many years and has won heaps of awards- and it’s easy to tell why. He has an incredible amount of variation in his ideas- so so amazing I really think anyone interested should take a look. His website features all of his ideas from “Attic Child” to his T-shirt store ($15 dollars each!). Even his actual website layout is so clever. On there he features his work from editorial magazines, books even music cd’s.

I personally like “Dark Peculiar Toys“, “Plug” and “Damsels in Armour” which are somewhat dark interpretations of what would happen when you mesh machines and people/animals/objects together. It is so very interesting, his statement is a better way to understand his inspiration behind these designs it’s very interesting to read.

The one that’s super awesome though is “Lexicon“- I really love how his concepts are backed up by his little poetic descriptions. You all should go through all of them and have a read!

To navigate through his pictures, have a look through exhibition and his prints. Have Fun!

Viktor Koen Website




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