Random Product of the Week

This random product REALLY is random!

It’s a really interesting concept that apparently really works and is available for purchase.

The candy that provides you with a sensational new way to see.

This delicious new confectionary uses cutting edge Sensory Substitution Technology to transmit vivid emotive images into your mind’s eye.

Available in six unique flavours, each helping you achieve the right state of mind by projecting specially created evocative imagery into your field of vision.

Eye Candy is the natural way to become the person you want to be.

Each of your senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing) sends information to the brain at a different frequency. The brain determines where the sensorial information it receives comes from by the frequency at which it resonates, it can then process it in the appropriate way (e.g. turn sight information from the eyes into pictures in the mind).

An array of resonators positioned on the surface of an Eye Candy transmit information from the tongue to the brain at the frequency that the eyes usually send visual information to the brain. A pleasant sensation of soda bubbles can be felt on the tongue as the mind decodes this sensorial information as vivid pictures. This process is called sensory substitution and can be used to supplement peoples senses, enabling them to see the evocative images contained within Eye Candy.

It seems hard to believe that such thing actually exists doesn’t it? It is difficult to get your head around the idea- but there’s a link to Wikipedia (thank god for wiki) about sensory substitution technology. So if you wanna know the gritty details, just click on the link.

Now as mentioned, there are 6 available candies (mindsets) that you could try:

RELAX. Tranquil fish swimming through the streams of your consiousness will help you to unwind.

SOCIALISE. The shooting stars will encourage sociability.

ASSERT. A big thumbs is guaranteed to reassure and motivate you.

MEDITATE. The the slowly shrinking circle helps you to meditate.

OVERCOME. Images of spiders will enable you to overcome your fears.

FOCUS. Direction giving arrows help to improve focus and attention.

For more information or to order online just check out the site. If anyone has tried it let me know how it goes!

Eye Candy Website


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