Birds of Tokyo Review

Awesome sexy Justin Smith has become the gig reviewer for one night (giving the quirky things finding a rest) as he tells us about the recent Birds Of Tokyo gig in Perth:

Local Perth boys Birds Of Tokyo are currently touring across Australia with Melbourne act Calling All Cars, promoting the Birds’ new album Universes. I managed to catch them last thursday night @ Metropolis Fremantle.

Last time I saw the Birds was a sweaty, sweltering, smelly sausagefest at BDO 2007, where they were playing mid afternoon, in a shonky tin shed. Metropolis Fremantle was a much nicer way to experience them, providing a more intimate setting (I’m more used to the open festival format, but besides having to wait for half an hour to get in, and then another half hour on top for the acts to start, it is an excellent live venue). Being a Thursday night, the venue wasn’t too crowded, yet full enough for good atmosphere. The absence of drunk grogans and slappers that you sometimes get starting fights on the weekends was also nice.

First up were Brave New World, a local act formerly known as Myles Vincent. These guys were fairly tight and had some interesting sounds. Despite some problems with a guitar amp they still managed to do a good job keeping the growing crowd entertained. They had good energy through the set and with some more stage time together, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Keep your ears open for them.

Next up were Melbourne outfit Calling All Cars. Since their debut this 3 piece have supported the likes of Gyroscope and Shihad, as well as headlining their own shows. These guys smashed out a blistering set that really got the crowd going. Vocals/guitarist Haydn was jumping around like a monkey on speed when not on the mic, climbing on the drums and even jumped over the barriers into the crowd for some help busting out the chorus. They combined their strong vocals and instrumentality with a high energy performance to leave the crowd really amped for the headliners.

The Birds do not disappoint. The lights and sound came onto Broken Bones, and the crowd was straight into it. The band had the crowd moving all the way to the end, mixing in songs from previous albums with hits from their latest Universes album. Singer Kenny was great with his vocal contortions- his vocal range is stunning- and the guitars and percussion were tight the whole way through. Off Kilter got the crowd going, and Wayside was a monster hit as usual, with the crowd really getting loud. Silhouettic was blasted out for the closing song, to an enthusiastic applause.

Birds Of Tokyo Official Site
Birds Of Tokyo MySpace

The Birds are touring with CAC’s all over Australia until late September. After that they’ll be at the Pyramid festival over east before heading back here for Southbound in January.

All up, it was the best 30 bucks I’ve spent in quite a while, pretty good considering I hadn’t planned on going ‘till the night before. Bring on the summer festivals!


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