Little Message

Hey there everyone!!
I don’t usually write little personal messages on this blog – but since today is the fateful day that I was introduced to the world 21 years ago I figured I’ll send a little message.

Just to show you guys how much this site has grown, the first day I started it (on Valentine’s Day because I had nothing better to do) I only got about 20-30 views a day. I got psycho-excited when about 2 months later I got about 50 views a day. And now I’ve got about 120-140 views a day and a few awesome days with 200+ views!

This is great because all I wanted was to show to everyone that there are great new(and existing) artists out there that are trying very hard and they deserve the recognition for their commitment- the countless amounts of amazing and creative people scares me sometimes- scares me even more at how creative they are!

I gotta thank my regular readers (from all over the world!- thank god for the net) because I know that I haven’t been the most regular writer- but you can blame that on uni. I always do try to put up something at least once a week but now it seems to be a bit more structured:

Mondays– Random Product of the Week
Wednesdays– Feature with interview
Fridays– Feature with no interview – mostly things I recommend you all take a look at

Also I try to cover a different range of genres in music and in fashion- buuuut I’m pretty sure you can tell I’m a little biased, with the amount of NuRave/Alternative/Electro scene.

SO that’s the end of the little ‘me’ session. Well almost…
There are two things that I would REALLY appreciate everyone doing.
1) Write a comment if you have any feedback on anything! If you want something worked on then lemme know- I’ll consider it for sure.
2) Spread the word about Hot Generation- I’d love to have a little Hot Generation empire.
I’ve got plans…..mwuahahaha

Well that’s all guys- I hope you guys have a great awesome crazy psycho fun day!


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