Late of the Pier

This band has been a favourite of mine for the past three months! The music the play is so varied from song to song which means I never get tired of listening to them. Late of the Pier is a four piece UK band formed in 2001-
Samuel Dust (sings, strums, scribbles)
Francis Dance (plucks, wobbles shelves)
Red Dog Consuela (batterie soundscape)
Jack Paradise (electronic battle tapping)
– and their most famous single is ‘The Bears Are Coming’ and it is actually one of my favourite songs from them. Their music could be classified as nu-rave as they do have a band formation and instruments but like Klaxons and Shitdisco, they include a lot of snyths and electro sounds in their music. I highly recommend this band as I’ve forced my friends to listen to them and have only heard good reviews! Each song has different levels of band instrument music and synthetic electro sounds so at least ONE song will be liked by all.

Until recently they’ve only got a few singles out and a bunch of songs that aren’t officially on their album- but now (since 11th August) they’ve released their first album! Look out for it!

Late of the Pier official site
Late of the Pier MySpace


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