Kirsha Whitcher is the designer that’s produced some very creative pieces recently. The thing I love about these clothes are that they are so different from what you usually see in commercial clothing, yet they are still so wearable for everyone. No matter what style of clothing you usually wear there will be one item that you can imagine wearing. The general theme I could say about the clothes are that they are a classy and sophisticated style of alternative clothing.

How did you come up with the name?
Sala is Samoan for love of heart + sai is Chinese for cut. We came up with the name by making it up based on the heritage of my father, a play on words….

Who’s the brains behind the designs?
I am, I come from a BA in Fashion since 1998, and have worked overseas in the fashion industry for a number of years before returning home to NZ to start this brand – I wanted the label to be easy, non-pretentious and clever

When and how did you start out?
We started at the end of 2005, so I am into my 4th season production now designing my 5th….we started out in a garage with a pattern-cutting table and a sewing machine, and some friends giving me a hand..ha ha a lot has changed since then

Was it hard to actually start producing clothes?
Yes to be blunt, takes a while to find a good production house to make your stuff to a good quality and price, producing the clothes is the hard part I think because you get thrown in line after all the big designers, they don’t take you very seriously because your units are smaller and your prices are higher..that’s why it is hard!!!

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?
Non-conformist, easy oversized shapes, innovative silhouettes, and historic fashion that has shaped our time.

What did you do before you began designing?
I was 18 and thought maybe I would make a good school teacher, but I got denied teacher training college so I thought I was pretty good at art and I loved clothes so Ill do something fun instead, if I was to change though now – I think I would like to be an architect

Any advice for design students who wants to start a line?
Go and get some industry experience first, to know how it works in the real world which is so different to what you learn at tech.

Any big plans in the near future?
Yeah! We’re building a new workroom and doing our first solo NZFW show this September – very exciting stuff happening!!!

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
Papa don’t Preach by Madonna – my girlfriend sent down the cd, so I put it on in the kitchen while I’m cooking and mucking around, stays in my head all day….

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
My bed for sure

Do you have a secret name for your favorite inanimate object?
ha ha no I don’t

Does being a fashion designer help in picking up boys?
ha ha if I was looking sure, but don’t use the design line to pick up – I’m sure my husband wouldn’t approve!!

Check out the website because as with past brands that I love- I can’t possible put up all of the photos. My favourite collection is the Summer ’07 set.

Salasai Page
Salasai Online Shop


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