Insight Clothing

I know Insight isn’t a new brand- completely the opposite in fact. I just had to show everyone a taste of their new winter stock which will entice a lot of the different styles men and women are liking right now. I know I’m whoring out the store I work at again- but Cite in Carousel stocks almost all these clothes right now and I’ve managed to spend a fair bit of my pay to get them. Feast your eyes on the clothes that’s available on their site and pop into Cite or any other place you know that might stock these particular clothes!

Insight Homepage/Collection


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3 Responses to “Insight Clothing”

  1. styleanywhere Says:

    the jacket with hood…wow!!!

  2. Julia Says:

    I am looking for a top by Insight from either the spring or summer 2008 line. There is one out this year that is nearly identical:

    It looked exactly like that only the colors were more vibrant, the neckline was scoopneck, and I think there were white buttons at the front.

    Can you steer me in the right direction, or at least give me the name or product number of the shirt? I can’t find it anywhere!

    • hot-generation Says:

      ahhhh i know the one you’re talking about. The store I work at doesn’t stock that anymore, I’m not really sure where you could get it except the internet or ebay. And the website doesn’t even show pictures of older stock. I’m sorry i’m not much help!

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