Turn Me On Design

If you’re the fiddling type of person who subconsciously starts to tap or click your pens or play with your necklaces- then this jewellery is perfect for you. Instead of annoying people around you, you can now actually play with your necklace. Turn me On design have a series of necklaces that integrate creative and quirky designs with mazes and mini-puzles.

How did you come up with the name?
We came together to create object, furniture and jewellery, but with our primary interest in lighting design. Thus, we named our business ‘Turn Me On Design’ as it encapsulates not only the obvious turning on of the light, but also ‘turning on’ a space by creating ambience and a sense of atmosphere across all fields of design. We also aim to challenge the viewer/user by ‘turning on’ their consiousness and awareness and challenging their expectations of the object and its use.

Who’s the brains behind the designs and when/how did you start out?
Georgie & Milenka met studying design at COFA, UNSW in 2001. We complimented each others creativity throughout uni days and after completing the course, we were asked to decorate a few bars for events. And this is how we began working together. We got a studio in Newtown and began creating, experimenting and researching our ideas together. After the first year of freelance graphic design we released our first range of interactive jewelley ‘oh fiddlesticks’ and we are currently working on our next range, as well as our homewares and lighting.

Was it hard to actually start producing stock?
A combination of studies at COFA and work experience for various other creative industries, made it easier for us understand the design process and the production and manufacturing resolution. However, there were many initial problems, as its always difficult starting production for yourself and sourcing all the materials and manufacturers. But this stage was the biggest learning curve for us. It was also very difficult starting production financially for us.

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?
The range was inspired by Georgie’s fiddling addiction to the charm necklace she always wore. Milenka just didnt understand the appeal of clanking a few charms together. We then aimed to create interactive jewellery, making the act of fiddling not so aimless. We developed this idea into wooden necklaces that are maze and balancing ball games. We appropriately titled the range ‘oh fiddlesticks’, encapsulating the impatience and annoyance associated with the act of fiddling.

Any advice for design students who wants to start a line?
Dont listen to your parents cause soon enough they will support you.

Any big plans in the near future?
Our new range “Smoke & Mirrors” will be released soon, which is an extension of the game concept from the ‘oh fiddlesticks’ range. However, this range will be sterling silver and are more complex logic games that will really make you think. We also plan to sell this range overseas. Simultaneously, we have been working on porcelain homewares and lighting, which will be released later this year, as well as some other furniture developments.

–Random Questions–
What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
our mac

Take a look at their myspace and other designs and news! There’s a list of places where their stuff is stocked at on their myspace. Their designs have two different colours you can choose from and can be worn at two different lengths- if you’re interested in any of their necklaces it’d be worth contacting them!

Turn Me On Design Myspace
Contact: info@turnmeondesign.com.au


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3 Responses to “Turn Me On Design”

  1. charmaine Says:

    awesome interview. They sound so professional and like they’ve answered these types of questions many times before!!
    Everyone should buy a necklace, it keeps me occupied in my lectures.

  2. Major Emerson Says:

    paurometabolic provost microdetector ramhood decorist stand blindstory mayorship
    The Greater Richmond Partnership Inc.

  3. After5PC Says:

    I must say, these necklaces are certainly UNIQUE! Haven’t seen these around yet…

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