Under The Hood Clothing

Well I thought I might just add this clothing line cuz they look like fun! It’s kinda cute and quirky- working on getting an interview from this amusing designer so keep your eyes open.

Under The Hood Official Site
Under The Hood Myspace


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10 Responses to “Under The Hood Clothing”

  1. cameron Says:

    im trying to buy some under the hood gear but it says the web sites down how do i connect to the online shop?

  2. Ronnisha Says:

    This clothing is nice. I would love to know where it’s out at so I can be the first one with it.

  3. Hershey Says:

    Hey Im wit Cameron, Im also trying to hop on that line but same message. can you get back wit an address or other ways I can purchase some under the hood gear. Thanks

  4. Syk0-S0LjA Says:

    i have the honeysmacks jeans!!!
    they’re so cool!!!
    but i want the kellogg’s frosted flakes,
    with tony the tiger on them!!!

  5. Troy Martin Says:

    I’m lookin for these things, you want my money, let me know where I can cop this stuff.

  6. Michele Says:

    I would love to get hip with this gear please email me the website.

    • hot-generation Says:

      I only have what is linked up from the post, it should be at the bottom of it. =oD

  7. StaceyBostick Says:

    I want to know how to buy these sweaters online. How do I do that?

  8. Online Home Shopping Says:

    We adore the composing fashion.

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