Boxfresh Clothing

Boxfresh is a UK based clothing design brand that was created by Roger Wade in 1989- so it isn’t a new brand but it has only been recognised in Australia in the last few years. Starting around 1992 was when the brand picked up pace as deals were signed with Europe and USA and the clothes started being available in more places. About a month ago, the store Cite in Carousel, Perth started selling Boxfresh clothing for men and it’s safe to say that it’s sold a fair amount. There are still clothes for women- just click the link and check out the online store, or stop by Cite and ask for the Boxfresh stuff!

Things Cite Stock…

…and more!

Boxfresh Official Site


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3 Responses to “Boxfresh Clothing”

  1. Canada Online Shopping Says:

    Thanks for your post. I love the designs of the shirts, they’re very trendy. I recommend some good stuff you can find here at Canada Online shopping

  2. T-shirt hunter hunting Boxfresh Says:

    cool! I’m hunting down some boxfresh t-shirts to be featured. Thanks that you’re here! 🙂

  3. Dennis Says:

    I just got that white BOXFRESH shirt yesterday and I can’t wait to wear it on Friday night at the club. I know all the ladies are going to dig it.

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