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CTRL Clothing

April 30, 2008

I seriously and honestly could not choose which pictures to stick up here- or describe the total awesomeness of their clothes. SOOOO- here are a few examples and you guys just seriously have to check out all the links.

Everything is so crazy fun exciting !WOO! weird eccentric unique electro rock indie geek chic alternative etc.

CTRL Homepage
CTRL Fall ’07 Collection
CTRL Spring ’08 Collection



April 28, 2008

One thing that caught my attention while looking through Bearcage’s profile was the Mr Brightside Remix, I think I replayed that song a fair bit because he managed to do a great job on it. He’s good at playing around with the synths making combinations that work with each other. Another great remix he just put up is one on Superfast Ferries. His music has a rave feel to it, something you can see being played at a great big rave!

How did you come up with the name?
Now I know the music’s nothing like the Stranglers, but the name comes from an old Stranglers song… a band I grew up with as a kid, listening to them with my brother at the tender age of 10.

Tell me a little about yourself?
Well here goes, all you ever wanted to know about Bearcage…
Bearcage is a one man band, name’s Tony Boyd from Liverpool… I’m far too old to be into playing with synths, 38 to be exact… but I s’pose having a mental age of 10 helps!

What did you do before the group started?
I’ve been messing with synths forever, had a previous life as Jonny Prophet writing Hardcore tracks. Worked in the past with producers Sharkey and K Complex.
After a breather of a few years working 9 to 5 in a bank, I’m back writing as Bearcage… older but still no wiser.

How did you start out/ was it hard?
I really only write music for pleasure, I love messing with synth noises and samples. Electronic music’s just like a big massive jigsaw of noise that you make yourself.
I’ve only ever sent 3 demos off, one of them signed me up, and another sent a really nice letter saying they hope to write with me one day. So I guess I was a bit lucky really.

Any big plans for the near future?
Currently writing a remix for a punk band, Big Gun Baby. They’re fantastic, and it’s a real honor to be given this one.
As well as this, I’m working on putting together a new live set of new electro tracks… which will be really interesting… the idea’s to take the main bits of loads of my tunes, and doing a true live interactive mix… new to me… none of this Live PA stuff… as a one man set, it’s pretty demanding. So if there’s any VJ’s out there that fancy getting together, I’d like to hear from u.

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
Really addicted to Myspace, listening to stuff by Kidz On Acid, Superfast Ferries, Rex The Dog, Kaz Nishimura and loads of others.

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?

Do you have a secret name for your favourite inanimate object?
Yeah, it’s nothing dirty though! it’s my sampler… an ESX

Does being musical help in picking up girls?
Nah! I’m married and settled down… & my wife hates me disappearing to write music! Haha

Click on the link to enjoy his music!

Bearcage Myspace

Bethany Joy Clothing

April 26, 2008

Bethany Joy designs very feminine, classy and sophisticated clothes with a twist of quirkynes. Her beautiful and elegant cocktail dresses/formal wear has interesting cuts so whoever is wearing gives a mysterious vibe. She’s another talented Australian designer who produces all her clothes in Australia! Her affair with designing started when she found her mum’s old costumebook- she wondered why people don’t wear those clothes in modern times anymore.

How did you come up with the name?
Bethany is my first name and Joy is my middle… So it wasn’t terribly hard! Joy is also kind of a family name, so it felt right.

Who’s the brains behind the designs- tell me a little about yourself?
My name is Bethany Joy Monsted, I’m Sydney based and currently 23 years old. I am totally addicted to designing, I can’t imagine life without it to be honest. I graduated from my college KvB Institute of Technology in ’06 and was lucky enough to win the Institute Medal at my graduation.

When and how did you start out?
I graduated from college and after about a year decided to strike out on my own. I always wanted to run my own design label, so I thought why wait? It was only going to get harder, why not start now when I’m young and full of energy! So I launched Bethany Joy back in 2007, and have been having a blast ever since!

Was it hard to actually start producing clothes?
Yes. It was quite hard to meet the right production people, it took a lot of research. I have always been adamant that my garments would be designed and made in Australia, which made things even more tricky with so many production houses closing down now adays… but if you really want something, you make it happen.

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?
I’m inspired by nature, art and the concept of what a thoroughly modern lady wears. My design style is very feminine and sophisticated – I design luxury cocktail and eveningwear. I use pure silks and gorgeous laces. All my designs are lined in silk, so they feel amazing on. I put a lot of thought into the cut of all my garments, with interesting and flattering design lines always the focus.

What did you do before you began designing?
I don’t really remember ever not designing! I was the art crazy kid at school, even in primary. I knew I was going to be a fashion designer by the age of 12, and have worked towards it really since then.

Any advice for design students who wants to start a line?
Research first. Spend the time really looking into what you want to do, and who you need to work with to make it happen. It takes time to start a new business, so don’t be surprised if you have to keep a day job. Also, totally, 100% believe in yourself, and try to surround yourself with supportive people. It really helps keep you afloat. The only other advice I can give is to take advice from people in the industry who know what they are talking about. It’s one thing to have a vision, it’s quite another to succeed. Be humble and ask for advice when you need it. People appreciate your honesty, and will be more willing to help you out… which is good!

Any big plans in the near future?
Yes! I am going to take part in the “Showboat” fashion parade in Melbourne in September for Fashion @ Fed Square. It’s for up and coming racewear designers, so that will be really exciting. I’ll be showing my Spring Summer 08/09 collection called “Wasn’t that a dainty dish?” which is inspired by a lovely, summer tea party. You all should come!!

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
I’ve had this random craving for some Sinatra this last week – so good old blue eyes has been keeping me company.

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
A lovely, black pen to draw with. Oh, and a sketch book too!

Do you have a secret name for your favourite inanimate object?
Hmmm… that’s a good question! I don’t know if I do have any secret names for objects, but like any fashion designer worth a grain of salt I always name the clothes I design. It’s not terribly secret I’m afraid, but it is good fun!

She has more classically beautiful designs on her websites

Bethany Joy Myspace
Bethany Joy Official Site

Illustrated People

April 23, 2008

Illustrated People has a collection of tees with some sweet designs- and not just for the guys,
there’s actually a fair bit for the girls too. It’s a UK based brand and is currently stocked at Topshop, which also stocks a popular brand Pa:nuu. They’ve also spread around to Europe, Japan and Canada- but all is not lost if you don’t live in those places, they also have an online store.

I only put up 5 of the 40+ designs that are available from the online store so take a look at the available designs, there’s a wide range of designs and one should catch your eye.

Illustrated People Collection
Illustrated People Online Store

DJ Jeeves Updated

April 22, 2008

You guys remember DJ Jeeves– I wrote something about him earlier. Well for all you Perth peeps he’s got a special event at Shape! It’s a Daft Punk tribute gig and details are on the link- check it out.

Event Link

Boxfresh Clothing

April 20, 2008

Boxfresh is a UK based clothing design brand that was created by Roger Wade in 1989- so it isn’t a new brand but it has only been recognised in Australia in the last few years. Starting around 1992 was when the brand picked up pace as deals were signed with Europe and USA and the clothes started being available in more places. About a month ago, the store Cite in Carousel, Perth started selling Boxfresh clothing for men and it’s safe to say that it’s sold a fair amount. There are still clothes for women- just click the link and check out the online store, or stop by Cite and ask for the Boxfresh stuff!

Things Cite Stock…

…and more!

Boxfresh Official Site


April 13, 2008

Hellooooo people!
Just a small note to say that things are a little hectic this week so until next monday there wont be any posts. Sorry about that – check back next monday!

The Scenic

April 11, 2008

In a indie/rock band, one of the many important qualities needed is a catchy melody and an amazing singer- have a listen to The Scenic and you can tell these guys have the makings to be a successful band. It’s awesome to see everyone in the band and their instruments working so well together. They also have the quirky personalities that could entertain their fans easily- after reading the interview, you’ll realise they really are a bunch of typical funny guys.

How did you come up with the name?
to be honest. we just thought it up and thought it was a good fit with the music…sexy 🙂

Tell me a little about yourselves?
we’re all in our early 20s
jake – pottstown, pa
shane – indianapolis, in
jeremy – orlando, fl
dan – doylestown, pa
frank – fairless hills, pa

What did you guys do before the group started?
we were all in other bands before this band. some also going to school some working.

How did you start out/was it hard?
the band started a year and a half ago with jake, shane, frank and a different singer. dan joined at the end of ’08 at guitar/back up vocals. our singer left the band at the end of ’08 and we found jeremy who’s band had just broken up and he moved here from FL.

as for the second part of that question…that’s what she said

Any big plans for the near future?
we are putting out a full length album this summer. we head into the studio in early april for a little over a month. we’re extremely excited to hit the studio and record. the record should be our late july or early august.

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
jeremy – Always Love by Nada Surf
jake – Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade
frank – probably something from Nirvana
shane – Like a Virgin by Madona
dan – Take Cover by Acceptance

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
jeremy – myspace
jake – clean socks
shane – macbook
frank – dan
dan – frank

Do you have a secret name for your favourite inanimate object?
if we tell you…we’ll have to kill you.

Does being in a band help in picking up girls/boys?
yes and yes.

Has anything crazy or embarrassing happened during a live show?
jake gave birth…i dunno if thats really that crazy though.

These awesome guys will be in the studio early may and they’ll be touring heaps after that so keep checking their myspace for constant video updates of the typical guy stuff they get up to.

The Scenic Myspace

V Festival Review

April 9, 2008

It’s no surprise as V Festival came around in Perth, Celia our famous reviewer would be going. And as usual- she manages to meet and have a conversation with a band member!! Lucky …. grr.
Check it out at her blog site!
Line up included
Smashing Pumpkins, Duran Duran, The Jesus and the Mary Chain, Queens of the Stone Age, Modest Mouse, CSS, The Presets and Cut Copy.

A Party For Alice

April 8, 2008

A Party For Alice is a art collection that the Australian designer, Fyona, says is worked around blending together illustrations and poetry. This talented designer doesn’t just create art and put them on cards to sell, she actually writes her own poetry which can be seen on some of her cards.

How did you come up with the name?
Well I use to be an Event Coordinator. I was in between jobs and doing a course in Sydney to expand my resume. They talked a lot about starting your own business, and seeing as I was having a hard time getting a job, during those long train rides back to Wollongong each day, I began to entertain the thought. I think A Party For Alice dawned on me while I was in the shower. It stemmed from the thought ‘A Party By Fyona’ , but I didn’t want to use my name because I thought it was a bit tacky so I forked out my middle name and was a little inspired by the band Something For Kate and there you have it. I never started that business though, I just hung onto the name until I needed a title for a MySpace site a few months later.

Who’s the brains behind the designs- tell me a little about yourself?
It’s just me really. My name is Fyona Latz, I’m 23, I live in Wollongong NSW. I remember writing and drawing from a very young age, it is one of the only things that I can recall doing throughout my whole life, so imbedded that it is not until now that I realise its unbroken thread. For me its all about the poetry – I only started drawing when I couldn’t think of anything to write. The only formal training I’ve had was during year 12 at school when I took Extension Two English, it was a bit of a boot camp for me!

When and how did you start out?
In February 2007 my friend Claire and I were up late reading through all of my old poetry. I decided the next day that I needed to create a space where I could showcase them all – just for fun really. So I started the A Party For Alice MySpace page. A shop in Melbourne called Meet Me At Mikes contacted me saying if I created a postcard for them with poetry + an illustration, they would sell them. I wasn’t going to do it until I remembered that I worked at a printers and it wouldn’t be that hard. A few months afterwards I put the left over cards on my page for sale and it grew from there.

Was it hard to actually start producing?
Because I was working at a printers for the first few months, a lot of the logistics were really easy. The hardest thing has been getting them out there.

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?
Colour is a big inspiration also I look at a lot of other artists, how they draw hair or eyes and gather ideas from them. I try to put a lot of emotion in to my girls – I like it when you look into a face and you get a sense that they have a personality!

What did you do before you began designing?
I worked as a youth and event coordinator for a few years after school. I had a few casual jobs, including working at the printers as a receptionist and an order processor and I still work casually as an usher at the Regent Theatre in Wollongong.

Any advice for design students who wants to start a line?
Even though you are a full time artist you still need to fight for time to do your art! The bulk of your time is spent promoting what you do and trying to get it out there. You need to be really motivated and keep reminding yourself that people do want your stuff – they just don’t know it yet!

Any big plans in the near future?
Were about to break away from just doing greeting cards and start producing note books, mugs and wrapping paper. Also hopefully in the next 12 months the first book of poetry will be published.

–Random questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
There’s a new CD called ‘The I Heart Revolution’ by a band called United, it comes with two discs and disc two hasn’t left my CD player, I just love the whole thing.

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
My kettle – I have a major tea addiction at the moment.

Do you have a secret name for your favorite inanimate object?
My laptops name is Iky.Mo.

If you love her designs, then click on her official site to purchase some of her artwork on cards or click on the myspace to check out more of her collection- which I suggest you do because there’s just a wide range of art in her work. She’s also planning to make notebooks soon so you’ll have something to brighten up your uni lectures- because honestly now, how many of you guys spend more time staring at your notebook instead of listening to the lecture?

Party For Alice Site
Party For Alice Myspace