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sorry-ok-yes is made up 3 boys from Italy –
Marco condo: bass, circuit bent toys, 8-bit synth
Thomas taddeo: drums, drum-machine’s, circuit bent toys
Davide materazzi: vocals, guitar, 8-bit synth, songwriting

This is the second Italian trio I’ve featured (Superfast Ferries), maybe they’ve got something good going on that we don’t know about?

sorry-ok-yes’ music is the fast paced, high energy, crazy, fun, get up and dance type of music! They’ve managed to combine their band instruments with synths really well so neither one takes over the other too much. The guitar and bass melodies are amazing and the keeper of the beats (drummer) does a really good job in creating a great rhythm to dance to. In addition to the whole combination- the Italian accented singing does add a little something. They’ve played with The Futureheads, Polysics, The Kits, Proxy, Melody Nelson, Hot Gossip & The Mojomatics.

Did this interview with Davide and Thomas and it was done over msn- more entertaining and teasing among the boys.
How did you come up with the name?
D- mm the name sounds cool. We took 3 very common words and put them together. And also is very easy to remember.

So where are all you guys from?
D-Arezzo, a small city near florence (tuscany, Italy). Anyway we never play live shows here in Arezzo because there’s absolutely NOTHING. We’re in the middle of nowhere.

Where do you end up playing most of your live shows?
D-We love to travel and play in front of different crowds. We play a lot in Italy even if it’s very hard to get some shows booked. Then we play a lot in the UK (where our label is based). We’ll tour the U.S. in Aug/Sept and we’ll also tour Germany and Finland in Dec 2008.

How’d you guys start out and was it hard?
T-It wasn’t hard, we were a duo. I played drums and Davide guitar. Then we met marco and we started this project everything got bigger when we put our first tracks on myspace. We recorded them live with two cheap mic’s. We started to move a lot for playing shows. That’s when everything really started being cool!
Well you do have an awesome sound and everyone always loves something different. Being on drums you’re good at coming up with catchy beats Thomas.
T- Thanks a lot
D- Haha thanks. The songs on the space are pretty old and badly recorded. Anyways the single will be out very very soon.

Well I predict big things if ppl love your old and badly recorded songs…I mean imagine if they were good quality and all
D- Yeah! That’s cool, we got a record deal, toured the uk and got 140000 plays on myspace with those songs.

So what did you all do before playing music in the group?
D-mm nothing special, everything a young guy does: sport, school, friends.
Our bass player is a very good motorcyclist haha, and thomas is the greatest football player in the world

And that’s all the serious stuff- the next few questions are totally random.
Has anything crazy weird random happened during a live show or you’ve done something embarrassing?

D- Let me think…well a month ago we were playing in front of 300/400 people (we were supporting a Polysics show here in Italy) and at the end of the show (while we were still playing) I kicked a cymbal stand and it fell on Thomas’ hand, then he kicked it again toward me.
Marco was still playing his bass and he did not see the scene haha. Anyway the crowd loved it.

hahhaha that’s awesome-any crazy fans?
D- Italians are not crazy during live shows. They stay in front of you and simply do nothing. Sometimes they dance but they’re very shy.

Okay who out of the three of you dances the best/worst?
D- Marco is a great dancer!
T- ahah
D- I really like to dance and Thomas is good too. But marco is talented
T- Yes but Marco dances like a little bird

Hahhaha- ookay so what song have you been listening to the past few weeks?
D- I’m listening to crystal castles debut every morning, every afternoon and every night.
T- Strange times -BLACK KEYS

Ahhh good songs
T- Yes, very good
D- yes the black keys rule

Name one materialistic thing you can’t live without?
D- My laptop. and a guitar too, Obviously.
D- but he’s not materialistic
T- is a god

Well I guess if he was a material you couldn’t live without it then. haha

Who’s the best band you’ve opened for?
D- Polysics for sure. Amazing show, really high energy. They’re amazing musicians even if the show was a bit long

Does being in a band help pick up?
D- Hahahha yeah- but Marco loves boys. Thomas is the typical Italian stallion haha.
D- haha
Marco’s nickname is coglione
T- my is: STALLONE
D- (he would like…) haha

What does Coglione mean?
D- Coglione means mmm- a funny guy

Just a note- Marco is not actually gay, they just teased him a lot cuz he wasn’t in the conversation to defend himself.

So everyone should have a listen to their music on super loud and have a good dance around their rooms. Their single will be out in April ( real soon! ) and so you’d have some better quality music to love them even more.

sorry-ok-yes Myspace


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