Megan Isabella


Megan Isabella was one of the artists from the Unwrapped festival that caught my attention. Her art has a bit of a pop art influence- she uses bright colours and the finished product gives off a fun and quirky vibe. Putting one or two of her art in your room will definitely brighten it up and it will grab the attention of any visitors! During the festival, she had her paintings up as well as her buttons and cards on display. While I was taking a peek at her paintings, I saw that she was doing well with selling her cards and buttons to many people- it’s something that appeals to a lot of people.

Who’s the brains behind the designs- tell me a little about yourself ?
My name is Megan and I like to go by the name Megan Isabella (because I think my middle name is too cute to be left out!) hah I turn 21 on the 27th of May and I grew up in Bunbury, Western Australia. I studied Fine Arts & Communications at Uni for a while but I have switched my studies to a course in Graphic Design at TAFE. I went on a trip to Europe last year and spent a month of that all by myself, travelling around Germany, Holland and Austria. It was an inspiring trip!

When and how did you start out?
I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to start a pencil. I’m mostly obsessed with sketching people. And pretty girls- although recently I have been trying to do more male drawings as well. I didn’t make the decision to go professional with my illustration until I got back from My Europe trip in November last year, so since then I have thrown myself out there! As soon as I got back I started drawing and put my illustrations onto gift cards, then walked right into shops and just said “Hey, do you like my stuff?” Now I have them selling in Unison, One Teaspoon, Off the Wall and Ketih & Lottie. It was a little scary I admit J. I also do them on canvas pieces and Button Badges, but what I really would like to do is get them on T-shirts, Stationary, Pocket Mirrors and anything I can get my hands on!

Was it hard to start producing a lot of products?
It still is…I first did them all by hand- but that got way too hard! I was using a makeshift light table (which consisted of me shoving a desk lamp underneath the glass kitchen table.) I have great ideas- but no money to be able to see them through.

What’s your inspiration behind the designs?
I love reflecting personalities and the way people react by themselves or with each other. I usually focus on the young generation and what I believe to be the “art culture” of Perth. I want to draw people with fun and attitude. Other than that I like to design things that are colourful and striking.

What did you do before you began designing?
A major in Performance studies! I directed, performed, set designed, taught- everything. The Hayman Theatre at Curtin University was a great place to learn.

Any big plans for the near future?
To enter as many competitions as I can, and try any way possible to get people to notice my stuff. (Oh and to actually FINISH a qualification)

Any advice for artists who wan’t to follow the path you’re on?
Meet other artists for inspiration and advice.
Also: get used to not having money.

–Random Questions–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
“Rainbow Warriors” By Coco Rosie

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
Oooh that’s a hard one! Probably a hairbrush. I hate knots!

Check out her art on the links or you’ll be missing out on some good shiz! Maybe even buy a few things to brighten up your life- I mean why not get them while they’re still affordable? She could be the next big thing!

– Some of the photos I took of her work can be seen if you go to the “Unwrapped- The Day” feature.
Megan Isabella Myspace
Megan Isabella Online Shop



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