Keith & Lottie


Keith And Lottie is an amazing art exhibition place as well as a store rolled into one- so it captures the interest of more people than the average store.
Walking in there you’re amazed at all the unexpected and creative things you see – A good friend of mine has even had his skateboard art up there for an exhibition a few weeks ago.

I’d better leave the experts to explain what the store is all about:
What’s your name and what do you do?
My name is Kristine and I’m the Gallery Coordinator here at K+L. I do the bookings for the gallery and assist the artists with organising their exhibition. I also work in the store and help out with whatever odd jobs come along.

What do you stock in the store?
We sell art and design based products from around the globe. From clothes to toys, accessories to homewares, we sell nothing in particular, yet everything of interest.
Some of our brands include, Princess Tina (Melb), BKTM (Melb), Hayley Mei (Melb), Erica Weiner Jewelry (USA), rojo (Spain), Keep shoes (USA), The Quiet Life (USA) and loads more.

Tell me about the history of the store?
Keith + Lottie opened just over three years ago. We first opened as a retail store but a few months later, it seemed a natural progression to open the gallery.
There are so many fresh young artists that want to get there work recognised. Having the gallery not only helps us promote up and coming talent, it also means that the people that come through the store can understand the work that goes into the products they are buying.

Who’s the brains behind the store?
Aimee Johns set up Keith + Lottie in 2004. Besides running K+L, she has intitiated and assisted in many projects to promote the arts in Northbridge.
She was one of the primary organisers of the 2007 Northbridge Festival and last year established the William Street Collective. William Street is shaping up to be one of Perth’s trendiest strips with new independent boutiques popping up all over the place. Check out to have a look at some of Northbridge’s best kept secrets.

I know that starting thursday night you guys had another little art exhibition?
Next Wednesday the 19th of March we have a really exciting exhibition opening in our gallery. The exhibition is called ‘Menagerie’ and will show the newest works by Beci Orpin, the creator of Melbourne based label ‘Princess TIna’.
Featuring a collection of collages, perspex sculptures, wood and papercuts, Beci will transform the gallery into a Menagerie. Beci is well known for her whimsical designs and feminine dreamscapes so this show will no doubt be absolutely gorgeous.
To celebrate this exciting show, K+L will be hosting opening drinks on Wednesday night. The doors open at 6pm and everyone is welcome.
The exhibition runs until the 4th April, open daily 11am to 6pm. For more information visit the gallery section of our website,

To keep up with all the K+L news, including upcoming exhibitions join our mailing list on the main page of our site,

The links below are all the ways you can check out Keith and Lottie, but if you’re in Perth the best thing to do is to go to the place and check it out for real. The William Street Collective is a group of small independent alternative stores that stock the best clothes and accessories along William Street- so while you’re there checking out Keith and Lottie, have a look at the other stores!

Keith And Lottie Site
Keith And Lottie Myspace
Keith and Lottie Facebook
William Street Collective


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