Local Tourist

Local Tourist is all about streetwear, attitude and music- big emphasis on music. Eric Fobair is the talent behind these designs and he’s managed to get himself on the rise by working very closely with the musical scene, including BUL!M!ATRON (will be featured later). He’s involved with So Sweet records who has worked with various prominent groups one of which is Crystal Castles.
Here’s the full list:
ladytron, crystal castles, partyshank, we smoke fags, heartsrevolution, man like me, classixx, dan deacon, moving units, le castle, vania, frankmusik, lies in disguise, tronik youth, bolt action five
vicarious bliss, simian mobile disco, hot chip, playgroup, the teenagers, dan le sac, kissy sell out, felix cartal

This past weekend there was a music festival in Austin (SXSW), and Local Tourist was one of So Sweet’s official sponsor for the party that’s held at the festival. Local Tourist’s collaboration with music doesn’t end there. His most recent one is a bandana collaboration with Blow Up LA for this big weekend. Blow Up LA is an awesome concept – Once a month a semi-secret warehouse party is organised in LA – and Local Tourist is going to release some Bandanas to Blow Up LA and I’m sure that’ll go down really well. One of his future projects is to design shirts for the the artists of So Sweet records so keep an eye out for that!

His advice to fashion students… ‘just do it’, you can plan and think out everything in your head forever. But once you make the decision, get your designs printed or manfactured, that is only when you will see if being a designer is for you.

Music he’s been listening toL.A. Riots scion mixtape, Webbie ‘independent’, and Birdman feat. Lil’ Wayne ‘pop bottles’,

Local Tourist Myspace
Shadow Scene Photography
Red Slurpee Photography
So Sweet Records
Blow Up LA

Photos taken by ShadowScene, Redslurpeee and Eric Fobair himself.




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4 Responses to “Local Tourist”

  1. killabot Says:

    the music festival was south by southwest (SXSW). it is one of the greatest music events held and it has been my dream to go austin, texas and be a part of it. until then, i’ll just study and work.

  2. BUL!M!ATRON! Says:

    oh yayer!

  3. Jimmy the Jim Says:

    way to go Local T
    keep setting the pace” with new hip hop designs!

    be blessed,

  4. PHEZ Says:


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