Unwrapped – The day

Beardsley In Blue Jeans

Sunday the 16th probably was the day of the Unwrapped festival (click here to read all about it). I had a few friends who set up their products there so I went to see how they’re doing and take a look around for myself. It’s safe to say that I’m glad I did go because the amount of art and creative talent there were on one street was amazing. It’s hard to feature ALL the people I talked to in this one feature, so in the next few weeks I’ll be having features of most of the designers and artists that sold stuff that day.

My group of friend’s and their stand did great – Malachi Alister Yiap, Murr Designs, Kelly McIntyre, Cherie Designs and a clothing line by Elise Capelli.
One of them in particular, Kelly McIntyre, managed to sell all her necklaces. She mentioned that it was a bittersweet moment as she was sad to see them go, something she worked so hard on, but a good feeling that someone loved her work enough to want it. Another jewellery collection that was popular was Cherie Designs by Celia Chee, by the time I left I saw that she only had three necklaces left- out of around 15 she had at the start of the day. Elise Capelli and her clothing designs became really popular as well, and her almost full rack of clothes looked almost empty at the end of the day. Lauren had the same success with her clothing line- she said yoo hoo– featured earlier.

As I walked around, so many things caught my eye I just had to stop and look. Here are some designers and brands I had a stop and look at:
Ryan La Touche designs
Lethal Clothing Line
Beardsley In Blue Jeans design and clothing
Planet Lime accessories
Gemma Lovitt- Walk photography/design/jewellery
Rachel Collins & Sheridan Kate fashion designers
Megan Isabella Graphic Design & Illustration.

There were even more artists that I couldn’t get to because their tables were surrounded by customers! Most designers behind the stalls could say that on the whole, the Unwrapped street festival day was a great success. Click on the link to check out photos from the day and I’ll get in contact with all the designers to organise an interview throughout the week!

If there are any designers out there who want some information from these designers- feel free to send me a msg or email with questions they would like to ask them.

Unwrapped Photos–(go into the photos section under Unwrapped ’08)
For those who don’t have myspace click here

Megan Isabella

Ryan La Touche

Malachi Alister Yiap


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2 Responses to “Unwrapped – The day”

  1. killabot Says:

    you cant see the pics in “view more pics” generally only myspace people can see them.
    start a flickr account or if you are lazy, put the photos on facebook, at the very bottom the photo album there is this sentence

    Show people this album by sending them this public link:
    and the link is below the sentence

    copy and paste that link and people who don’t have facebook or myspace can see the photos

  2. hot-generation Says:

    yeah i know that bit but the myspace one is not so all about my personal day but more about the designer’s day haha..so there’s no stupid photos of me.

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