These New Puritans


These New Puritans are a new UK band that’s won the musical hearts of their own country, and now they’re on their way to take on the world. It consists of twin brothers Jack and George Barnett and their fellow bandmates Thomas Hein and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson.

Jack Barnett – Vocals, Guitar, Computer, Sound
George Barnett – Drums, Tapes, Percussion
Thomas Hein – Bass Guitar, Sampler, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Sophie Sleigh-Johnson – Synthesizers

They’re a band that uses their instruments as a base and then adds great synths to make it interesting and abstract- the type of music that’s becoming very popular for people that like electro but don’t love it by itself (Nu Rave).

Their new album ‘Beat Pyramids’ is super awesome, my personal favourite is ‘Numerology AKA Numbers’ and ‘Elvis’. A quirky thing about this album is that the first and last song are cut in half so that the last song is the beginning half and the first song is the last half- and check the name out
First song – ‘..ce I Will Say This Twice’
Last song – ‘I Will Say This Twi…’

Have a listen to their music!




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  1. charmaine Says:

    good job!!!

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