SerTop is two guys, Adam and Paul, that interview heaps of bands and make wristbands- that’s what it says on their site! These guys spend their time asking bands heaps of questions and then post it up for everyone to enjoy, but now the tables have turned and it was their turn to be interviewed- Enjoy!

When and how’d you guys start?
A -It all started at this little place called Mammoth Video back in early 2007, Its a small video store were both Paul and I worked.  We both use to sit around and talk about business it wasn’t long before we decided to open our own.
P – Yea, I knew that whatever we did had to involve music, because I used to be a musician. We try to connect as many bands with their fans as possible. As far as the wristbands go, I used to wear them while I jammed out in my band and I thought it would be badass to make our own.

Was it hard to start off?
A – Yes, there was one thing going wrong after another, we had a hard time getting all the kinks worked out. First off we had to learn about web based business, so after carefully taking the time to learn the kinks, we started legal paperwork (goverment messed up our paperwork 4 times) so it took forever. Now things are still pretty hectic, we got two guys who run SerTop so we both got our work cut out for us.
P – Definitely, but I’m glad we went through all the stuff Adam mentioned because this is a learning process. I think if everything was handed to us, than I wouldn’t be doing this. We are always working, we don’t sleep, I can’t remember the last time I got 5 hours of sleep.

What did you guys do before starting the website?
A – I had a couple previous management jobs one was a “Dairy Queen” and the other a local video store “Mammoth video” I had a job selling cars for a while in between.
P – I’ve had a few business ventures, from almost becoming a travel agent to coming close to starting my own social network (Still in the works). I played in a band for 3 years and that is how I found my love for music and connecting people around the world with new musicians.

Any big plans for the future?
A – Absoluetly, we plan to expand our current selection asap, we also are trying to find lots more talented musicans, along with new schools that we can help promote. We also are listening to our customers to find out what that would like to see on SerTop.
P – We have a booth on one of the Warped Tour Days and we also are working with a band called Neverset which is doing a national tour with 3 days grace, seether, and breaking Benjamin. We have a very busy and fun road ahead of us, stay focused on our blog because there are about to be some very interesting posts on it.

–Random Question–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
A – I have a few songs I like as of right now my first would “All these things I hate” by Bullet for my Valentine, 2nd is “six am” by Sikki Sixx. The 3rd is “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus.
P – I’ve been listening to a lot of John Lennon lately. I also find myself listening to the bands that we interview: Jacobs Ladder, The Material, and Superfast Ferries

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
A – It ok to laugh… but I have this grey bear that I’ve had since I was two. The thing is ugly as hell it’s all beat up, missing a mouth, eyes are busted but ill never get rid of it.
P – Haha, I’d have to say my Iphone.

Do you have a secret name for your favorite inanimate object?
A – Nope, never really named it just always called it Grey Bear
P- I call it Corky and you can find it @ 😉

Does having a website help in picking up girls/boys?
A – It has its perks, I can’t say I haven’t used the line before, so far not to much result but maybe after it expands more.
P- I love this business to death, but I depend on my personality to get me laid.

So you guys should check them out! Their link is on the right side of the site homepage under “Websites to check out”
(but don’t forget about my site! haha)


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  1. Paul Says:

    🙂 very amazing, thanks again!

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