Durkl [Updated]


Durkl is a clothing line that’s becoming increasingly popular with the underground music culture. Their clothes include a mixture of bright colours and crazy designs that’s fit for people with crazy and bold personalities. They’ve just released some new designs so click on the links and start loving the clothing line!

UPDATED!!- I managed to get the interview with them- Enjoy finding out what’s on their mind!

Who’s behind the design label?
two guys who have one goal each and every day…MAKE FUN.
there are 2 of us…Will and Cole…both of us love Basset hounds, candy, Budweiser and making clothes that force everyone have fun. life is amazing, and we try to spread that with our clothes.

When and how did it start?
DURKL started about 4 years ago here in Washington DC as a tiny 5 design t-shirt line and has now matured into a full line of clothing. By this Fall we will be offering jackets, tank tops, tees, hats, visors, hoodies, crewnecks, flannels, sweaters, cardigans, sunglasses, 3 cuts of denim in 10 different colors and washes. one of the visors has hot dogs on them! gonna be so smashing. oh, and the hot dogs have some yellow mustard on them.

What did you do before starting the clothing line?
nothing!…i moved to Brooklyn, New York when i was 22 to “find my calling”, but i failed so hilariously badly. I wanted to start a band that was purposely bad and just have the most amazing shows where people partied like maniacs…but i never got it together…I guess Girl Talk had the same idea and actually executed it! Girl Talk is amazing. But it was in Brooklyn where my pale friend screamed the word “DURKL” on roller blade in the rain for the first time…so i guess i kinda did find my calling there.

What kinda inspirations do you use to design?
so many…i know thats a bad answer but there are way too many. always get asked that question and i never have a good or real answer, so i decided i would just list a few lines of stuff that i like and helps me design….twizlers, construction paper, getting cosmic, telepathy, basset hounds, pizza parties, shorts, mammals, black holes, salt and peppa, NKOTB, Fila, Oakley, women skiing in bikinis, Spudz MacKenzie, geometry, Alexander Calder, CROOKERS, Child Ballads, leather, Lacoste, the future, little kids, Budweiser, nylon…

Any plans to stock clothes in Australia in the near future?
we do have plans for Australia. We get a lot of online orders from down under, and have a distributer down there working to spread the word. We love Australian style and will be selling in some stores down there soon. stay tuned!–YAY

How did you come up with the name?
my friend in Brooklyn screamed it one night in the rain on roller blades…neither of us can ride those things at all….i think i pee’d my pants laughing so hard watching ourselves falling all over traffic and the sidewalks. I never forgot DURKL after that.

–Random Questions–
What song have you been listening to most over the last few weeks?
anything by CROOKERS! those dudes are f-in killing it right now. that remix of “The Salmon Dance” (WOW) might be better than candy cigarettes.

Has having a clothing line helped in picking up girls/boys?
hell no!…i suppose it could in a place like NY or LA, but here in DC no one really cares..and we like it that way! hahaha. we do what we do because we love it and we wouldnt do anything else…not to pick up women…even though thats why Cole does it. he’s a slut.

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
does the future count?

Any advice for people wanting to start a clothing line?
never be afraid to do what you want and never let anything or anyone tell you to change for any reason. designing for someone else is shooting yourself in the foot.

http://www.durkl.com/superstore/index.php?home=1 –> Online Store



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