Trash Fashion


Anything that involves mixing guitars and electronic synths I tend to fall in love with- Trash Fashion is exactly that PLUS the hot drum beats, bass playing and the English accented singing! They’re songs have the elements of a rock band as a base with guitar riffs you’ll fall in love with – their synth sounds and melodies are played over the top at several points in the songs. They remind me of Shitdisco but less synth and more rock. They’ve been doing lots of gigs and they’ve still got more coming being more popular by the day! We’ve Taped Over Your Cassettes opened for them in a recent gig – they were featured earlier.

Here’s the funny interview they did:
Tell me a little about everyone?
jet storm, 26, from brum innit
mason storm, 28, also from brum innit
k bomb, 20, from the you ess of aye
bam bam, 24, from crawley, saaaaaff laaandan like

What did you guys do before you started to make music?
we were all in some sort of educationalistical kinda vibes really. some of us worked harder than others i think it’s safe to say!!

How did you start out/ was it hard?
we started out doing a couple of gigs at a night we were doing in brum at the time. helped us get over the fear/reality of bombing in front of lots of people! after the first few fuck ups you stop caring!

Any big plans for the near future?
got our “why can’t we be friends” single coming out 10th march, then another for the summer, followed by album. also really looking forward to our mini album coming out in japan on 26th may. really want to get over there man!

What’s the best thing about doing live gigs?
always cool speaking to fans and all that shizz, but generally being on stage is buzz-tastic, (when it’s going well anyway!) lugging equipment around and sitting in a crappy transit for days on end aint all that tho

–Random Question Time–
What song have you been listening to most in the past few weeks?
jigsaw from radiohead

What one materialistic thing can you not live without?
my geeky pocket pc phone

Does being in a band help in picking up girls/boys?
err yeah it did once upon a time, until we got so busy we couldn’t go out anymore!!

For all you guys who are in Austin, Texas- you have a chance to see them live!
They’ll be at SXSW for their showcase gig on the 12th of March for fused magazine.
It’ll be held in the Tap Room at Six Lounge and they’ll be onstage at 11:15pm. So use this chance to check them out before they get big where you’ll have to see them in a bigger crowd.
Click on their links to check out their songs and upcoming shows!



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One Response to “Trash Fashion”

  1. Zuri Z Says:

    I just heard an advance of their album, and it’s shit hot. Exceeds all expectations, adds new dimensions, demonstrates why they will stick around for a while.

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