April77 Store Opening


Well earlier on I featured a hot clothing line from France called April77. I mentioned that they just opened a store in Paris and they’ve sent me some great photos to show you guys of the big party! Here’s just a few of the photos – follow the links to see the rest of the photos.

Cobrasnake Photographs
Laperlog Photographs



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4 Responses to “April77 Store Opening”

  1. killabot Says:

    is that girl in the last photo got a headache from all the bright colours?

  2. hot-generation Says:

    that’s funny there.

  3. marcello clemencon Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen:
    On the ,magasin “TÊTU” dezember 2008 (page 57)there is a wonderful “blouson” gray from “April 77”.
    Would you kindly let me know where is the closest store from zürich where I can buy this wonderful “blouson”.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help and warmest regards from the swiss alps….
    Marcello Clemencon

    • hot-generation Says:

      There is a list of the stockists and the store on their website! Keep checking because you never know when they’ll open more stores.

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