The Knife


The Knife isn’t a new band at all, they’ve actually been around for a while and I’m sure many of you guys would have heard of them. But I thought I might do a feature on them cuz I just realised that I’ve been listening to their most recent album since it came out and I’m still in love with it- especially with “We Share Our Mother’s Health” and “Like A Pen”.

The Knife started in 1999 and is made up of a brother-sister duo from Sweden who also have their own record company. These two rarely ever show their faces and never do live shows until very recently. Even if they do promo shots or a live show, they always wear venetian masks or their trademark bird masks. They’ve been nominated for a few Grammies and won one in 2003 for best pop group.

If you haven’t heard of them or haven’t heard their most recent album (Silent Shout), definitely go check it out. Their music can be described as electronic/alternative, they’re definitely not mainstream. Their music has many different levels of electronic melodies overlapping each other- some songs fast paced and some are slow.

2001- The Knife
2003- Deep Cuts
2006- Silent Shout

Just check it out and have a listen cuz it’s hard to describe this awesome music!

Links: –> Like A Pen



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